Most explorers are going around the world and investigating something new for their world. Explorers are one of the ideal person for everybody because they give not only their life but also their time during their experiment. Successful explorers have different abilities but they have similar experiment with each other because explorers need to posses same qualities in order to succeed. The successful qualities that explorers must have are curiosity, endurance and braveness.
Because of the curiosity, a lot of explorers investigate something new that they want to know. Successful explorers always have a million of questions in their mind and they try to learn how to succeed. A lot of explorers give up family life, personal life and have even died during their experiment and some explorers have succeeded to find something new during their experiment because of the curiosity. For example, without curiosity, they will not become successful explorers around the world or in space and we would still live in the darkness without advantages such as electricity.
Although they have curiosity, they will not be successful without endurance. So, endurance is the second quality in order to succeed. Explorers have to pass a lot of difficult time and troubles when they are investigating something new. Some explorers can??™t withstand hardship and give up when it comes to the most difficult part during their experiment. Explorers must be leaders but they need to have the different qualitative not the same like regular human.
If they don??™t have braveness enough to find something new, they will not become successful explorers in the world. Some people don??™t want to explore something new because they always afraid to do difficult things and they don??™t want to give not only their time but also their life.
Explorers are some of the most important people in the world. But some people think they are crazy because they don??™t really understand why they are trying to find something new by giving their time and life. For me, they are successful and ideal person because they are one of the people who discover most advantages in their world. Successful explorers are putting their attention in their experiment and finding useful things in our world. For making the world improves, successful explorers need to have good qualities.


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