Audience Analysis
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Introduction to Business Communication

Audience Analysis

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Audience Analysis
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Time for the quarterly sales information meeting, everyone has to come together to see how well the company is doing compared to competitors and the rest of the economy. Before that can happen decisions has to be made to make it an effective message between all entities of the company. Analyzing the audience always helps; effective communication with the audience depends on selecting the method and tool of communication that will reach them.
What characteristics are considered during the quarterly sales information meeting Understanding, what is the common interest among the audience Quarterly sales involve employees, stockholders and, management together for a common goal. Presenting the audience, stakeholders with graphs, figures and examples of the companys quarterly growth with hand out along with presentation enhances the experience. Knowing the audience attitudes is a great boost of confidence to the approach for an effective message. The employee??™s morale is very high there have not been any layoffs. In, fact they have hired more employees. The purpose for any company is to see growth if that being growth in stocks, sales and, employees growth. So there are always some types of anxieties that go along with choosing the proper tool to deliver the message. Possessing the right data also gives the presenter the upper hand on how to handle questions and anticipate particular ones.

Planning a sales meeting has a great deal of thought and consideration put into it, especially the channels to deliver the message. The combination of e-mails, webinars, or even small group meetings should help making sure that alone those channels, employees, management and stockholders will be informed of all the particulars like where and when. Having the background to some of those in the audience helps choose which channels are appropriate for the group. It is important to try to reach as many of the people that need to be informed get informed. Organize a smaller group for participants that could not be present due to personal reasons. The presenters focus should remain on targeted audience and message. Encouraging feedback, teamwork and, communication implies emotions. There is nothing more satisfying and encouraging to employees than knowing and believing that they are making a difference in the company and the community. If every employee had a sense of pride in his or her work, the production and, quality would be at its best. With the quality being top notch the stockholders, employees and management should all reap the rewards of increase sales.

With the ever increasing need for information and creativity, diversity in the workplace and internationally is a must. Producing products and materials in multiple languages are considered through cultural sensitivity and preferences are a great tool to reach the community. More diversity within the team equals a stronger team because of all the resources and diverse backgrounds. Diversity training for managers and employees only makes sense of cultural differences and helping them through the diverse situations. The training should cover real-life situations, be interactive and, applicable toward the workplace. Teambuilding from different cultures and backgrounds will overcome work style barriers. Companies with high levels of racial and ethnic minorities have the highest profits in business.

Ensuring that the message is effective the presenter will convey information through body language and tone of voice. Tone of voice and body language are both forms of effective communication along with a specific format can ensure it is accurately receive. The presenter must be proactive and understand that he or she must state one ideal at a time, examining the sales numbers, the areas of growth, and all future visions of the direction of the company for the next quarter. Keeping the message and terminology simple, highly encouraged feedback, and explain when appropriate. Providing the information in a timely manner is essential for the message be effective. If the quarterly sales meeting is a three-hour affair the presenter would have lost most of his audience and the message would not be received as intended. So timing the meeting, and keeping it to about an hour, to an hour and a half maximum. Most people find it difficult to listen to a message that long. So it is important the message contains everything necessary for the receiver to understand the presenters point. Like most forms of communication it is a process, a process that involves the presenter and receiver of the message. Both parties must be actively listening to guarantee a positive effective message. The receiver must focus its attention on the speaker making eye contact, if possible. Looking for an indirect message in gestures, and eye movement interprets the feelings behind the message. Listening, making sure that the verbal information provided is what the sender is trying to get across. Parroting and paraphrasing is a great way to provide feedback ensuring that the message and point is understood. In, conclusion of the quarterly sales meeting the presenter will leave time for questions and answers and to study some key points with the receivers or employees.

Confirming that there were no communication barriers between the two sides, the message is most effective when it provides feedback from the listener or receiver. The sender or presenter must make sure that the message of intent is presented in a way understood and effective for all parties. The presenter must be sensitive to the differences in verbal and nonverbal communication in a diversified culture.


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