Audience Analysis
Audience Analysis Worksheet
1. What characteristics of the audience must you consider
The speaker would need to keep in mind that the audience is ranging from managers, sales people, and customers. Everyone in the audience has a special interest in the company and presentation because they are all stakeholders. Being stakeholders it is important to understand that they all want what??™s best for the business since they have an investment or interest in the business. Emphasizing the good news and information is a good idea but they want the whole truth. It is also important to share the goals the business has set for the company becoming more successful.
2. What communication channels are appropriate Explain.
Since the information that is shared at this presentation will be sales it is a good idea to use a power point presentation. Not everyone can keep up with data and facts being presented orally. The visual aide helps people understand better. That way all the data and sales figures, goals, and specifics can be included and easily accessible to the audience. It might also be a good idea to pass out a couple of pages of facts from the presentation such as charts or graphs indicating what the sales are.
3. What are some considerations to keep in mind given the diversity of the audience
It is important to keep in mind that the audience consists of a variety of people including managers, sales people, and customers. They may not all understand what you say the same way. Simple language is safer to go with when presenting to a larger audience which ranges in diversity. Complicated terms are unnecessary when dealing with a variety of people in the audience. People in the audience may have different views than you may have presenting this information, it would be important to ask the audience for ideas on strategies after sharing what strategies you already have. You need to know what their expectations are because you have a wide range in the audience to please as stakeholders.
4. How do you ensure your message is effective
At the end of the presentation it??™s a good idea to provide a good conclusion and summary. It??™s a good idea to go over important information one more time. To ensure the message is effective the speaker could ask if there are questions or concerns. The speaker could even ask the audience questions and comment on them. Even having an open discussion is a good idea. All of these techniques can be used in order to make sure that the message got across to the audience and the message is effective.


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