10 things I hate about you appropriation of William Shakespeare??™s Taming of the shrew

Good morning teacher and students, I am here today to inform you how the film 10 things I hate about you has appropriated the play Taming of the shrew. Through the use of Taming??™s characters, plot, social, cultural and historical values and themes, 10 things I hate about you is the modern and appropriated version of Taming of the Shrew. In Taming of the shrew the main themes included romance, marriage, money, and social status; these were also kept in 10 things but were slightly altered by modern language to relate to modern day audience.

For the appropriation to be successful 10 things has kept the plot and characters the same with minor alterations. The characters have been created to suit modern society although the personality and traits of the characters are similar in both play and film. The characters Kate in Taming and Kat in10 things are very similar, both are intelligent and independent individuals who only believe in their own morals and not anyone else. Kat quotes ???Why should I live up to other peoples expectations and not my own???, this quote shows that she is independent and goes by her own morals. The character Bianca was also kept the same, in both 10 things and Taming she is the object of desires and usually the centre of attention with the high social status. The Character Cameron, is the modern and appropriated version of Lucentino, this character in both play and film is intelligent and in love with the object of desire Bianca. Interestingly in 10 things Cameron uses the exact quote in which Lucentino also used, he quoted ???I burn, I pine, I perish??? which shows his desire to be with Bianca. The language that is used by characters in both film and play is quite different, in Taming of the shrew Shakespearean English was used so characters often spoke with sophiscated speech while in 10 things I hate about you the language used is quite colloquial. In Taming characters describe Kate as a ???shrew??? while in 10 things Kat is described by Joey as ???heinous bitch???, this shows the change in language between periods of time.

The plot of 10 things is quite similar to the plot of Taming. Kate and Kat are both seen as shrews and misfits by others in society, while Bianca is the object of desire and is loved by Lucentino who creates a plan to woo Kate with the aid of Michael who is the modern version of Tranio and Patrick who trys to woo Kate. There are minor changes in the plot but these changes have been made so that modern audiences can relate to the story. In Taming, Baptista who is the father of Kate and Bianca is ready to wed both girls, but in 10 things the father of Bianca and Kat does not want his daughters to grow up so fast and start dating. This is how the play has been appropriated as the film 10 things shows that Fathers are different to those in the 17th century so the plot has been changed to suit modern society. The play has also been appropriated through the setting of film in certain scenes which shows the change in society and lifestyle. In 10 things, socialising events included parties and formals whereas in Taming the social events included weddings and more formal and ceremonial events. This shows the appropriation which has been done to suit modern society and so audiences can relate to.

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The appropriation of the play taming of the shrew shows the change in culture. Taming was based in the Renaissance period in the 17th century where the culture was that men were superior than women, and women should give total obedience to husbands with little freedom. 10 things is based in modern times where women are given same rights and freedom as men, this is shown through the character Kat is given more freedom and she allowed to express her views more often, for example in class she argues about writes of the past, quoting ???he was an abusive, alcoholic misogynist who squandered half his life hanging around Picasso trying to nail his leftovers ???, In taming even though Kate expresses her ideas and shows that she does not go by the orders of men she is not given as much freedom as Kat. 10 things has given more freedom to Kat to show that modern society has a different culture to that in the renaissance, one that gives both men and women equal rights.

Society and social status played a big role in Taming and 10 things. Society during the renassiance period was very inequatible to women and veyr favourable to men, this has changed and therefore been shown in 10 things I hate about you through the actions of the characters for example Kat in 10 things expresses her ideas and views more often and in places where it may of seemed wrong to do so during the renassiance period. Kat was given more freedom to show that now in society women are equal to men. Social Status is a theme in taming and 10 things, taming it shows that bianca is so popular among her friends and peers and has alot of suitors, while Kate isnt and has no suitors. In 10 things Bianca again is the centre of attention with lots of boys wanting to date her, while no one dares go near Kat. This shows that during both times status is important although in modern society dating comes before marriage.

In conclusion, the directors of 10 things I hate about you have used Taming??™s themes to create a modern and appropriated version of Taming of the shrew, to show the changes which have occured in society thoroughout the two time periods.


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