Development of a performance appraisal system is to monitor and ensure the performance of a human service organization as well as the employees that work for these organizations. The system helps provide important information about the productivity of employees and the organization. Provides information to help strengthen the weakness of the organization and positive feedback to employees.

A performance appraisal system is defined as an integral practice of the micro human service organization framework of an organization. It is a formal and at times informal??”and documented process of the performance of workers, professional and other staff members of an organization. All professionally managed businesses and enterprises have performance appraisal systems to measure the intrinsic worth and work performance of employees and encourage, motivate and reward based on their performance (eHow,Inc, 1999-2010).
A performance appraisal system helps with productivity of employees as well as the organizations goal and objective. While organizations conduct this appraisal system they are able to observe the overall production of all employees as well as the plan that has been developed. Performance appraisal systems are a constructive way of giving feedback for employees to see how they are doing. The appraisal is also a good tool with showing areas that employees should strengthen in order to ensure success in the human service field. Feedback given to an employee from the appraisal offer information outlining important aspects of the job that would affect how an employee is viewed on getting the job done. When appraisal systems are used within an organization, managers and supervisors are able to view the productivity of employees. This leads to better performance of employees with minimal errors. The employee and the organization are both able to provide superior service to clients. Performance appraisal systems should also contain information regarding past performances, attendance records, productivity, as well as past objectives and goals. Appraisal systems should be updated regularly to maintain new goals and objectives needed by an organization. With work place diversity ensuring that performance appraisal systems ensure no discrimation is important at well. This is to ensure that they are being evaluated by a clear description and duties of the job and put emphasis on a scale that can be measured by all.
Team management should also play a role in developing a performance appraisal system in human service organizations. Employee need to be able to have individual roles as well as team roles in order to achieve success within an organization. Employers must come up with well thought-out ideas in order to reward and evaluate performance for teamwork. This plan would have to be unbiased and help provide each team member with individual information to improve team productivity. This would measure all employees??™ daily production level and help human service personnel to find better and simpler ways to monitor their employees.
The development of performance appraisals systems should be easy to use by higher management. A good appraisal won??™t have several different forms to be completed or put off because they are requiring a lot of information to fill out. The system should not cause interference with other ongoing daily operations of an organization. If the system causes issues for managers and human service personnel the problem should be addressed immediately. Performance appraisal systems include not only team management, employee attendance, productivity, but promotions, disciplinary actions, rewards, and all feedback by managers regarding employees and the effectiveness of the system it??™s self.
The appraisal system that is being used needs to be evaluated as to ensure organizations are gaining from them. Also monitoring strengthens and the weakness of the system as well. This would ensure the system providing accurate information and operating in accordance to the law and organizational needs. If something is found in need of improvement with the system design or the administration of the system they are easier to identify. Information and features are able to be deleted or added to the system as needed to improve the system. Human service employees who use the system also play an important part of ensuring the quality of the system that is being used. This way the users of the system are able to express their ideas on ways to improve the system and what they like about the system as well.
Higher levels of management should also support the performance appraisal system. Managers and higher authority should agree that the appraisal plan is necessary and the need for the system. This would give all apart to play with developing the plan with the appropriate knowledge of the importance for the information used and received from the system. There should also be a back of system put in place in case the original system doesn??™t work out. Along with the system that is used to measure performance written documentation should be available on employees and their performance as well. Developing a successfully performance appraisal system helps with measuring the organizations success but also the employees and their success within an organization.

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