In the technological advancements of todays day and age there are many ways one could use the advancement to his or her advantage. Yet, could the same be said about using technology when it comes to cross cultural communication? With the advancements in the way human communicate to start with, video chat and conference calls, would it not be a very easy way to get things mixed up or lost in translation? I would say it would be very easy for two different people from two different worldly locations to come together on say a video chat to discuss business and everything can get mixed up by a wrong translation.To me Technology is taking the personal reference from the business aspect of things and in future reference no one will be meeting in person after a while. This in my opinion can be a horrifying situation for any business. Where as you say one thing with your lips but you body signals or language say a totally different thing.

To the person on the other end of the chat or call it would seem like they are being disrespected just from their cultural communication habits and social norms that they have become accustomed to. To me a business meeting should be held in a personal reference.Where as you want to do business with someone you go to them and have a face to face sit down or meeting. This way you can have a certain level of trust when it comes to people looking at your business and deciding whether or not they want to do said business adventures with you are not. To me technology will do nothing but complicate a task that is already going to be daunting to you and the hopeful business partner you are looking to invest with. I say there are times to use technology in a different ways and not to try to open lines of communication through in personal speak.