3) and evaluate outcomes.? Primary DataPrimary data is

3) Limitations of study.I. Time was limitedII. Interview with limited staffs.III. Only based on motivationIV. Lengthy data collection process.4) Data collectionData is a set of information that we get from any one that may be aprimary or a secondary one or Data collection is the processof gathering and measuring information on targeted variables in anestablished systematic fashion, which then enables one to answerrelevant questions and evaluate outcomes.? Primary DataPrimary data is information that you collect specifically for thepurpose of your research project. An advantage of primarydata is that it is specifically tailored to your research needs. Adisadvantage is that it is expensive to obtain 2In this process of data collection I directly observed the behaviorof the employees, how dedicated are they towards their workand how happy are they to work.I also took the interview with the employees where I asked themabout the techniques of motivation and also about how are theymotivated on their work. Because different employees havedifferent needs and attitudes.? Secondary Data2 https://www.google.com.np/search?ei=BllQWvj4Ioe0vwSv-5mgCQ&q=whaty+are+primary+data&oq=whaty+are+primary+data&gs_l=psy-ab.3..0i13k1l9j0i22i30k1.261930.269139.0.269375.….0…1c.1.64.psy-ab..31.13.3632.6..0j35i39k1j0i67k1j0i131k1j0i10k1.326.PC453hjr8yMSecondary data refers to data that was collected by someoneother than the user. Common sources of secondary data forsocial science include censuses, information collected bygovernment departments, organizational records and datathat was originally collected for other research purposes. 3Internet is one of the media used by me for the secondarydata and it is a very reliable, cheap and effective means forinformation. Internet has helped me a lot in my research paperof motivation techniques because finding information about itis very easy. This mean also has helped me in saving a lot oftime as reading text book takes a lot of time than reading thesummary in the internet.Online articles is also one of the means that I used as amean of information for this report. These articles provided theadequate information about the organization that I wassupposed to research on.Websites is a collection of related web pages, includingmultimedia content, typically identified with common domainname and published on at least one web server. Websitesalso helped me because in the officials’ websites, informationare given in more detail and properly.5) REVIEW OF LITERATUREMOTIVATION3https://www.google.com.np/search?ei=FFpQWqCRLsXcvATUv4nwAQ;q=what+are+secondary+data;oq=what+are+secondary+data;gs_l=psy-ab.3..0l10.10205938.10213930.0.10214142.….0…1c.1.64.psy-ab..11.8.2282…0i13k1j0i67k1.0.1sfVgw18t0IMotivation is a process of encouraging and simulating subordinatesto devote maximum effort for developing organizational efficiency toachieve objectives. Management may use different techniques tomotivate employees. 4The following are the common techniques to motivateemployees.? Financial Incentives – Money is regarded as a symbol ofsocial recognition and achievement in the materialist world.People satisfy their higher order needs by money. Wages,Salary, profit sharing, medical reimbursement etc.,Motivates employees to perform better. These kind offacilities help to retain the productive employees.? Job security – Job security implies that employees wouldcontinue on the same job in the same organization. Theyenjoy economic and social security through health andwelfare programs, security against sickness, disability andold age provisions. Employees will be motivated towardstheir job if they have a feeling of job security and futureprovision.? Job rotation – This refers to shifting an employee from onejob to another job. It reduces the boredom and disinterestthrough diversifying the employees’ activities. The basicpropose of job rotation is to increase the skills andknowledge of employee about related jobs. Job rotationhelps workers to learn and perform varieties of activitiesnecessary for the unit of word.? Delegation of authority – Delegation of authority isassigning certain part of work to subordinates and givingthem the required authority to perform the assigned taskeffectively. It helps in developing a feel of dedication to thework among the subordinates. It helps in training and4 Principles of Management, Prem R.Pantdevelopment of subordinates. It helps to develop highmoral and motivation of subordinates.? Quality of work life – Quality of work life is an attempt todevelop a formal program to in integrate employee needsand well-beings with the intention to improve productivity.Quality of work life ensures greater worker empowerment,adequate and fair compensation, safe and healthy workingconditions and higher level of job satisfaction. It supportshighly democratic statement of employees at all levels andparticipates them in decision making process.? Competition- Competition is a widely used tool formotivation. Employees in organization compete with eachother to fulfill their ego needs. The person who isconsidered the best is awarded with the popular prize.Competition may be in terms of sales, production, safetymeasures and so on.Data analysis and interpretationQuestion that were asked to the employees. Thesequestions were prepared before the interview wastaken.? Tell me about your position and yours workingexperience.? What motivation skills does this institution apply?? When do you feel happy or motivated?? Is this organization providing all kind of facilitiesthat an employee need?? Do you get leave when you are in need of one?? Are u satisfied working here?6) AnalysisFrom the research I have done about the motivation techniquesapplied on Aadhunik Dairy Products pvt.ltd. I have analyzedthat this organization being one of the best dairy in town not for itsname but also the services it provides to its employees. From theinterview taken, I have come to know that the main motivation tolower staffs is money as it has been the basic think to earn theirlivelihood. To the higher member staffs the main motivation iswhen the job assigned to them is completed. They don’t care iftheir salary increases or not because they don’t need to do hardlabor and their salary is more than enough to them. But increasein salary motivates the lower member staffs because they don’tearn that much. They are also provided with leave but genuinereason is asked. The workers have harmony with each other andare happy with the organization.7) ConclusionPreparing this report was no a very easy task but after preparing it, ithas not only increased the confidence level but also has helped me toknow about the motivation techniques implemented in real life awayfrom books and notes. This report has helped me to understand thework division of people in an organization. This report has increasedmy motivation and think that it will help me in my management course.Lastly I would like to conclude by saying that visiting the organizationand doing the research report on motivation techniques on the ADP(Aadhunik Dairy Products pvt.ltd.) was a fun way of getting theinformation about the organization and the employees of thisorganization and the motivation techniques implemented here. Thisresearch also has made me realized the real pain of earning a money.8) Recommendations? Improve the Infrastructure? Person in Reception desk should be a bit more corporative.? Departments should be divided properly according to their work.? More transporting vehicles should be added as I found it to beinsufficient.