3.1.3. Water System

In regular houses water is supplied for
the day to day usage by the local authorities using pump systems and pipe
networks. The rain water is collected in the natural sources such as lakes and
rivers. Collected water from these sources is pumped to treatment plants, where
water is treated for impurities present such as silt, bacteria etc. For cold
tap water the water is directly pumped to the consumers and for the hot tap
water, the water is first heated through District Heating and supplied to the
consumer 10. From the above process for water to be supplied to consumer lot
of resources like power energy, man power is used.

In earthship use of these resources is
cut down. It is constructed such that the need for external water system is
eliminated. Water harvesting is done from the water and snow that falls on the
roof. As the water collects on the roof, the sloop of the roof leads the water
to the silt filter and then into the cistern. The water in the cisterns is
pumped for using later for day to day activities 11. Number of cisterns are
buried with earth outside the building along the tire walls. These cisterns are
joined together with a pipe at the bottom to make sure that level of water is
equal in all cisterns 12. The earth prevents the water stored in the cistern
to heat up or freeze during summer and winter respectively. The cisterns are
arranged such that the top of the cistern is below the roof level do that water
flows in the cistern inlet by gravity and the cistern outlet should be above
the earthship floor level so that it can gravity feed the pump inlet. A Water Organization
Module is installed at the outlet of the cistern. This unit filters,
pressurizes and pumps the water to the fixtures throughout the building (except
toilet flush) and to the solar water heater mounted on the roof 7.

A Water Organisation Module (WOM) uses
reverse osmosis to filter the water. The water is healthy drinkable water. WOM
also includes valves, switches and gauges to control and monitor earthship’s
plumbing system 13.

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