Themost important the top management should justify the need for eLearning andshould involve end-users during eLearning implementation. The employees are onboardearly, they tend to do their best to supporteLearning efforts and to overcome these eLearning disconnections, managersshould have a clear organizational strategic plan, a tech-savvy staff, and agood training staff combined with committed managers.

Our results showed themajority of employees (72.8%) stated that eLearning led to higher productivity.However, only 41.

7% gained higher productivity at work. This implies thateLearning alone cannot lead to improved productivity. Managers should haveeffective systems to train employees on new eLearning system usage. Higherproductivity and satisfaction usually occurs when employees are comfortableusing any LMS. with proper training, employees would be more efficient, knowledgeable,and confident using different LMS.