Nowadays there are many crimes happened, such as shoplifting and burglary in young people are even higher than last year 20 percent. This essay will discuss the reasons for this and provide some possible solutions.   According to the research, is shown that the first reason is family structures. Youth whose family have one or more characteristics such as parents are involved in crime, poor parental supervision,family income is low or they are isolated, family violence and family breakup are more likely to be involved in crime. The second reason is economic situation. The major economic factors that contribute to the crime initiations are Poverty and  Inequality. Financial crisis due to poverty causes the person to involve in criminal activities.

 Poor parents may not be able to educate his children in school and lack of education may lead to criminal thinking of a child. Then unemployment, Lack of employment opportunities leads to criminal activities amongst the unemployed. An unemployed person needs to run his household by any means and when he doesn’t find any legal opportunity to earn he may get involved in criminal activities to finance his living.   However, there are ways to tackle such problems. Firstly, familystructures can be solved by creating a warm family, teach their children to be good people. Satisfy of what you have and always rememberthat every problem has a collect way out these tackles will help with economic situation problem In conclusion, Crime prevention must focus on improvements in all possible areas. In order to see how can we develop and implement the crime prevention strategies, we need to identify the factors that are actually responsible for the crime so that we can target them in our policy framework