2.3 Disadvantages of Artificial Intelligence

The growth of the effectiveness and ubiquity of Artificial Intelligence methods has also stimulated thinking about the potential risks associated with advances of Artificial Intelligence. Some comments raise the possibility of dystopian futures where Artificial Intelligence systems become “super intelligent” and threaten the survival of humanity. It’s natural that new technologies may trigger exciting new capabilities and applications — and also generates new anxieties.

In as much as artificial intelligence has improved humanity immensely, there are certain school of thoughts that opined that though it has a lot of advantages, if not properly harnessed can lead to more harm than good.


The main problem with Artificial Intelligence is an ethical and philosophical one. There is a general believe that intelligence was God’s gift to humans to differentiate them from other creatures 9. By creating an artificial intelligence, we are playing the role of God, which is the same argument as cloning.

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Machines being emotionless were presented as being a good thing; however it can also be a bad thing. Social intelligence is the big question. Machines can’t provide with the emotional understanding that humans can offer and it could act irrationally as a consequence 9. The machines ability to perform all jobs that human can do means a loss of jobs on a huge scale leading to jobless people and financial hardship 10. People will feel a sense of uselessness which can have may mental problems. A machine that can make decisions thinks the same way as a human. This being said, it can make good or bad decisions. It might take over the world similar to what we see in movies, which is considered as impossible but we never know 10.

In Vinge book “The Coming Technological Singularity Opined that Apart from the risk of breakdown, there is also the imminent risk of loss of data. In some cases, due to malfunction of certain parts, a machine can fail to keep prompt memory of files that it should ordinarily have.

As they are machines they obviously can’t provide you with that ‘human touch and quality’, the feeling of a togetherness and emotional understanding, that machines will lack the ability to sympathize and empathize with your situations, and may act irrationally as a consequence 11.


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