2.1       Empowerment issue


It’s because of the interpretation of the existing content, the complexity of empowerment of women has been acknowledged by many scientists and social workers all around the world. If we consider an instance on this matter we will see the study done on about five Asian countries that mostly reported the influence on gender due to social values and norms due to rising inequality. The findings done by researchers indicated that the concept of women empowerment is much complex since there can be some areas where they are not empowered; while in some, they have their right of empowerment (2003). The values presented by society matters a lot while talking about women empowerment and to achieve the desired change in the society, the ground of empowerment should be thoroughly solid.


Another study suggested that it’s the word ‘power’ which can act as an influential aspect to bring this change (2010). Furthermore, some social workers reportedly suggested that the effects of religion on Pakistan changed drastically being an identity to dictating the entire lives of the civilians. That means religion used to be simply a choice and everyone would follow with pure heart but presently, it has been controlling the lives of people around Pakistan (2009). Many other people such as Shaheed also believe that religion and Politics are the primary reasons of women disempowerment in the country and all around the world.


The literacy is also one of the reasons of the women disempowerment that has been seen over the years in the world. The world literacy rates survey taken by SDPI shows the literacy rates of men as 67% and women as 48% in Punjab alone. Both the rates declined to 58% and 22% in Baluchistan. In Mustang District, there are many women that are not allowed to participate in outside world and thus, they are left immobile. They don’t even have the permission of accessing outside market for daily needs. Even though, they have skills such as embroidery, due to lack of direct interaction with customers they get fewer wages over their skillfully made mat5erials. Their male family members come forward and sell the products made by females being less expertized and having no motivation for work.

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For the achievement of women empowerment, it became mandatory to include the human rights and the world economic forum decided to work on this aspect of reality. Since few years, they have had repeatedly tried to increase awareness of the need of women empowerment and the positive change it will bring within the society in Pakistan. It would at least take increased economic and social gender equality, equal human rights to males and females, improved health and nutrition and good education (Zahidi 2005). There are many other social firms such as UNIFEM that designed seven stages of achieving the goal of women empowerment in a country. It started from promoting women in leadership level, non-discrimination, giving proper education and employment training to women, taking care of their security



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