(1)Skin cancer is a type of cancer and is the
most common cancer in the word. (2)The skin cancer is so common because what
causes the skin cancer is mostly heat related items like the sun or a tanning
booth. With people who love the heat, they have a bigger chance of getting skin
cancer. (3)The suns UV light  is able to
damage the elastin, the elastin is a fiber in our skin which helps our skin
keep our posture for example: if a person hangs out in the sun too much they
will most likely have a skin like 50 years old when they are really 30 years
old, the skin also tears and bruises easier than usual.The skin will also
bruise and tears more often than usual.


best solution for the skin cancer is by laser surgery. The outer part of the
skin layer and several deeper skin is removed using carbon dioxide. This method
gives the physician good control on removing the infected tissues. In the
process of cutting, it seals the blood vessel. It is usually used if other
treatments seem to fail which makes this a really good treatment for skin


fact that it is the best treatment for skin cancer there are some positive and
negative impacts. For the positive impacts of doing the treatment is that for a
person who has bleeding disorder, bleeding disorder is a condition that affects
the process of the clotting, clothing is a process of when blood turn from
liquid to solid, with blood disorder injuries, can dispose more blood than
usual which makes the laser surgery very useful in avoiding blood loss. Even if
it is the best solution for skin cancer it has lots of side effects based on
the cost, recovery, risk, and result. Laser surgery tends to be really expensive
making it hard for some people, and when the process is done the result might
not be what we want like for example not all of the cancer cell is removed from
the skin. It might also leave some bruises on the skin.


implication of skin cancer towards the economics are. The treatment for skin
cancer is really high in price and can cost a lot of money which might get
people bankrupt. If the skin cancer is not treated straight away the person who
has skin cancer will have a hard time working together with another person and
it can affect economically, getting money to survive because of the weight they
put to other people.

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The conclusion of this essay is that skin cancer is the most common types of
cancer that can be solved with many treatments but sometimes can be hard to
cure because there are lot’s of risk in the result after surgery from  if it is a bad result and economically. so it
is best to always check the skin and see if there is any abnormal spots,if there
is it is better to ask a doctor or get it treated amidietly before it gets to
the other stages which will make it harder to be cure


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