The film’s commercial and artistic success launched computer
animation as an exciting new medium, creating a successful alternative to
Disney that inspired more companies to invest in animated features, thereby
contributing to what many considered a new golden age of animation (Tom, 2015).

After the film’s debut, many industries were interested in the technology used
for the film. Graphic chips manufacturers desired to compute imagery similar to
the film’s animation for personal computers, game developers, video games,
artificial intelligence and many more. The film also has two sequels which
distinguished themselves no less than the original, as the first film gained
greater emotional depth in each iteration. The second film ‘Toy Story 2’ established
a capacity to combine surprising and alluring action while remaining faithful
to the expressive currents of the first film. The third film ‘Toy Story 3’
developed the first film’s theme of loss into a stirring exploration of
maturity and closure.


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