19.06.2017 Monday


In the beginning of a new week,  Packing Department 2 was assgined to me by my
Supervisor. Commonly, sandwiches were packing at Packing Department 2.The
packing machine was observed and cycle time for packing machine was determined.

I calculated standard value time (SMV) for each product. I worked on
subprocess, according to my observation from the last week. I used a stopwatch
and a time study sheet. After the work, I analyzed with the Methods Time
Measurement and Method Study. My list was rewieved, then updated the list with
my new work. The list was sent to my Internship Supervisor and the list was
checked by her.


20.06.2016 Tuesday

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In the second day of the week, Methods Time Measurement
(MTM) and Method Study steps were done. I spent the day at the factory area,
especially Packing Department 2. I worked on new products. Subprocess of new products
was observed. For each product was calculated the meantime of the production. I
learned the new tags of any product. End of the day, the list reviewed and
updated at Process Improvement Office.


21.06.2017 Wednesday


On Wednesday, I continued to measure the time for each
product and took note on the time study sheet. For example;


the product by horizontal packing machine – 99.5 seconds for 57 sandwiches

the product – 255 seconds for 57 sandwiches

Making a
box – 40 seconds for 4 boxes

the product in a box – 71 seconds for 57 sandwiches

Closing a
box – 15 seconds for 4 boxes

Tagging a
box – 17 seconds for 4 boxes


After I took notes, I came back to the office, and my notes
was checked by my Internship Supervisor. Then, Mrs. Çalay?r showed me how to
use this data on Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP system ).She taught me the
module on ERP system, which uses for Cost Accounting Project.


22.06.2017 Thursday


In ninth day of my internship, firstly I searched for
the  Time Study & Methods Engineering
on the internet. I understood the information for improving my analysis. I
communicated with my Internship Supervisor about the progress of the analysis.

Packing Department 1 was observed when I came back to factory area. Then,
continued at Packing Department 2. End of the day, Mrs. Çalay?r and me began to
enter the data into the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP system ).  Fort he logic of  ERP System see Appendix2,
Figure 2 .


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