15 characters most likely die in Avengers: Infinity War

Movies from the Marvel Tops Universe



Look, we all know that Marvel’s film universe in its current
form can not continue indefinitely. Unlike pen drawings, the actors have to
age, and we can not continue the films of Captain America in the 2030s, so
let’s talk about the great cosmic elephant in space. Avengers: The war of
infinity is coming and someone is going to die. I do not like the idea, but
hey, we’re all waiting for her, who will she be? Well, let’s see the potential
victims and find out who under Avenger’s Mansion gets six feet tall.

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Source: comicvine.gamespot.com

Honorable Mention 1: Drax


Yes, it is very unlikely, but that is why it is an honorable
mention and not an entry.

It is very likely that Drax will at least stay with the
Guardians 3, but if they wanted to kill one of the guards of the galaxy, it
would be him who would accompany them. Because? Well, I’ll tell you. Drax is a
being driven by anger and revenge. He is the destroyer. And although the
Guardians’ first film rewrote Ronan’s origin to be directly responsible for the
murder of his wife rather than Thanos, we already know that Ronan did it with

Besides, if they wanted to adjust it, they could do
anything: “Drax’s daughter adapted to Thanos and became a
Moondragon,” which would give Drax an even greater reason to see Thanos
die. We already know that Drax wants Thanos to be dead, and it would be a
tragically beautiful moment for him to see that he’s done with his only real
goal. The chances of Buuuuut are that it will not happen.

Likelihood of death: 1 in 200.


Source: comicvine.gamespot.com

Honorable Mention 2: The Winter Soldier


I mean, that would be shocking.

Yes, I assumed Bucky would be our next Captain America after
Steve retired, whether he died or not, but what if he is not? What if they go
with Sam Wilson? Then you have a Bucky to do. And it would be a good idea to
kill him to give Steve a crucial motivation to come to the final dispute. Bucky
died in comics. I mean, for decades it was the most remarkable thing about him.

However, after taking on the role of Steve’s Captain
America, he died again while Fear himself, although it was super-temporary and
happened only by accident. What he did. He later became the man on the wall
before becoming a winter soldier again. What is he now? He actually leads the

Likelihood of death: 1 in 175.


Source: screenrant.com

15th Maria hill


If you do not want to kill a super-major, Maria Hill has
been here long enough to fill Coulson’s position.

I have always loved him since his first appearances in the
Secret War. He took control of SHIELD from an unfortunate Nick Fury and led it
during the Marvel’s Civil War event, after which he was replaced by Tony Stark.
However, as Deputy Director, things did not work without problems. He fought
Skrull’s intruders during the Secret Invasion, was driven out by SHIELD when he
became HAMMER during Dark Reign, and returned to the fold to help Thor during
the siege.

Later, when Steve Rogers became director of SHIELD, he began
working with the full-time Avengers. She followed Daisy Johnson as a director
when she fell out of favor with Op on AIM Island and disgraced herself after
publishing her Pleasant Hill project. Currently, he avoids SHIELD’s current
boss and HYDRA secret agent Steve “Captain America” ??Rogers.

Likelihood of death: 1 in 150.



14. Black widow


Avenger person lives a life more dangerous than Black Widow.
She personally approaches some of the most dangerous people on the planet,
trusting only her instincts, abilities, and weapons to keep her alive.

In one way or another, however, I can not see Widow biting
into the dust in the next movie. Not only would this unfairly throw the
Avengers’ gender relationship, which was no longer very large, but I do not
think his death was the most narrative of satisfying relationships.

Widow has long been a big part of Marvel films. Iron Man 2;
The avengers; and she has always waited for the Winter Soldier, the Ultron era,
and the Civil War, ready to follow the call. Besides, Scarlett Johansson is
currently one of the most famous and valued actresses on the planet, and I can
not help thinking that Marvel wants to hold her a little longer. With a little
luck he will eventually get a solo movie.

Likelihood of death: 1 in 100


Source: aintitcool.com

13. Nick Fury (again)


I know we went through all that, but not really. After all,
it was shown that Fury was not dead in the movie he was dead the last time.

And while Captain America: Winter Soldier had a good
pseudo-expedition for Nicholas J. Fury, there’s nothing that sends him better
than seeing him fall in the fight against Thanos himself. Sam Jackson is and
always will be rude, but he can not continue to make these films forever. There
has to be an endpoint. And maybe that’s an enhancement of what Fury did with
Coulson’s death in The Avengers. Give the team something to avenge and

And when you go to open the first position in SHIELD, you
can fill it with who you want! Maybe Maria Hill? Or maybe it’s Captain America
or Iron Man, like retired superheroes who save Earth more relaxed.

Likelihood of death: 1 in 50.


Source: screenrant.com



To be honest, Thor is the least likely to be killed in the
Big Three of the Avengers. But, it is still possible and it would be a good
time to find out how big and terrifying Thanos is. But I have to be honest in
this case, if Marvel Thor will not kill in a movie called Ragnarok (they are
not) then they will not kill him, period.

The mighty Avenger has died more than once in the source
material. Here are some notable examples: The Thunder God was killed by
Onslaught, then rebuilt in a pocket universe before finally finding his way
back. He suffered a rather vague and metaphorical death at the Avengers event:
Dismantled as the Ragnarok narrative arc. While he was dead, Tony Stark, Reed
Richards and Hank Pym used a Thor’s clone that was destroyed. He was also
called Ragnarok, and I swear to God that I do not purposely try to pronounce
that word so often; A lot happens when we talk about Thor’s death.

The real Thor came back and was very angry with his copy of
the robot. During the “fear of himself” event, Thor fell dead again,
this time for so short a time that they were not finished carving their tombstone
as he crawled under it. What I’m saying is that Thor is dying very much. But
will he be in this movie? Probably not.




11. Hulk


Hulk Smash !! And maybe die too. Hulk will see how it works.

I will be honest; It is much less likely. After all, Ruffalo
is a new addition to the MCU family as his other avenger friends, and since he
does not star, his salary may not be as high as his co-stars, so he can keep
longer. But if they wanted to see a shocking death to show how scary and
powerful Thanos was or some other unpleasant mystery, it would be a probable
decision that they would execute the hulk.

But I can also see that Bruce Banner will stay long in the
future. Hulk has died several times in comics. One of the most notable was when
he died fighting the Avengers and the Fantastic Four. Of course, he is reborn
in a pocket universe and later reborn. He died again when the Red Hulk put a
trident in his chest. Of course, that did not last and the grandmaster brought
him back. He is now dead again, this time in the hands of his former teammate
Hawkeye during a merciless killing. But will his counterpart follow his

Probability of Death: 1 in 35


Source: comicvine.gamespot.com

10th war machine


How can a guy be beaten? How does the paralyzed guy make a
movie, and we talk about whether he’s going to die or not?

To be honest, it is more likely. Whether he dies or not, of
course, there will be no significant MCU space for Tony Stark after Avengers 3
and 4, and I do not think the films left Rhodey enough for his own character.
alone. It was a bad word choice.

On the other hand, their paralysis is clearly a trap for
future stories, and they probably will not give up those in favor of a shocking
death. Besides, they had already taken Rhodey through the iron drain during the
Civil War, and it would just seem unnecessarily cruel in the infinity war.
Rhodey is currently dead in comics after being killed by … Thanos … during
the Civil War 2. Okay, I know how it sounds, but still.

Likelihood of death: 1 in 25


Source: cinemailend.com

9. Hawkeye


Well, here is a likely candidate.

Clint Barton has been a mainstay of Marvel Film since his
appearance in Thor’s first film, and although he is the least used Avenger, he
had his moments. More specifically, it’s the best part of Age of Ultron, an
otherwise mediocre film that at least tells us that Hawkeye lives with his wife
Lindsay Weir on a farm in the north of the state.

It was assumed that Hawkeye is a lamb that has been
slaughtered for years. In fact, I remember the first rumors that Captain
America: The Civil War would start with crossbones that would kill Clint’s
family and possibly Clint as well. This turned out to be a BS, but it is not
completely excluded that the goalkeeper will step into the bucket. Barton has
actually taken the dust off the comics, the most famous one during Avengers:
Dismantled, when he installed a jetpack on an explosive warship Kree, created
by Scarlet Witch Madness, shouting, “Not like that!” Not the most
valuable purposes, I will say





8. The hawk


Hope this bird does not cut its wings before it shines.

Anthony Mackie is an inspired choice. He does not have the
credit he deserves to be so good in these films. He was fantastic in Winter
Soldier, and he was good with the little screen time he had in Age of Ultron.
Moreover, his extended cameo to Ant-Man was much better than he should be, and
his limited role in the Civil War was perfect.

We could see him die, but I hope not. Someone has to lift
the sign when Steve Rogers leaves the MCU, and I want the hawk to look like his
weird predecessor on this front. It would also keep him from winning the Axis
in the Infinite War, but if Bucky is chosen to lead the shield, Sam Wilson
might be expendable.

Likelihood of death: 1 in 15


Source: techaeris.com

7. All others


Or at least half of the others.

As most of you probably know, the following movie is based,
at least in part, on the story of Marvel Comics Infinity Gauntlet. In this
story, Thanos collects all the gems of infinity into the infinite glove, a
relic of unlimited power and potential multiverse configuration. In addition,
Thanos loves death. No, not in a poetic context is he in love with the physical
portrayal of death, which is a scanty woman in the Marvel Universe. To appease
him, Thanos’s first act is to wipe out half of the entire life in the entire
universe. It was later repaired, but it’s Thanos opening tactic.

It’s a bit important. And as for the movies, it’s not a
riotous incident. Consider all MCU characters who do not intend to work with
the Avengers in the main storyline and open the movie by disappearing in
horror. Nick Fury? Wong temporarily deleted? He also. Jane Foster, Pepper
Potts, Bucky Barnes, Yondu, maybe someone like Daredevil, if they wanted to
take the necessary amount of Netflix / movies. Everything is gone. And
everything will slowly return to the end of the movie.

Death probability (s): 1 out of 15


Source: popsci.com

6th person


One of the biggest complaints about Marvel’s great civilian
adventure was that no one died. To be honest, this complaint is really stupid.
And it would be perfectly fine if no one died in this film either.

All this list is my speculation based on the narrative
structure and the arcs of the characters and, well, to know how the movies work.
I’m not the one anxiously waiting for someone to kick the bucket. Someone will
probably die, but what if nobody does it? If there are still a number of films
in which the action is full, people will be hurt, but nobody should die. I
totally agree with that.

You do not have to fear death to have bets. Come back and
look at Hunters of the Lost Arch now. You know, Indiana Jones will live, partly
because there are Indy films to follow, but this original film is always tense
and exciting and excellent. Everyone knows that Saul Goodman will not kick him
in the middle of an episode of Better Call Saul because he shows up in Breaking
Bad, but my roommates still watch this show week after week obsessed. So yes.
It is also a possibility.

Probability of (no) death: 1 in 10.


Source: comicvine.gamespot.com

5. Scarlet Witch


I always liked the Scarlet Witch. And the MCU version is a
really strong adaptation.

She’s fighting to be a hero despite her problematic past.
She has much more power than she uses regularly, but she is undoubtedly a hero
in the end. While he seems to have a life of progress, his death is not
completely impossible. In fact, she has already ended her character sheet in
the Civil War by saving the day and accepting Hawkeye’s life debt with her.

And that the old villain sacrificed himself for the universe
and was not totally unexpected to his team. Wanda Maximoff was an important
avenger, and she died in comics. The last case was in Uncanny Avengers, when
Snape stabbed her in the chest, though that death was defeated.




4. The vision


If one of the non-founding Avengers throws the bucket here,
it will be the vision.

His bow to his personality and consciousness and the
relationship between him and the Red Witch prepared him for a potentially
tragic downfall. In addition, Thanos collects infinite gems to form the glove,
and one of those tasty little jewels is currently embedded in the skull of the

It is therefore not out of the scope of the possibility that
Thanos, after seeing the New Body Orb and the Eye of Agamotto Dr. Strange
ripped out, the connection of the Avengers could stop to take the frontal
cortex of the yellow gem false vision. , The vision was eliminated in comics
like everyone else. In one of the most famous examples, she tore Hulk in two
after the Red Witch went mad. It was then rebuilt, first as a teenager, then as
an adult.

Probability of Death: 1 in 7


Source: comicvine.gamespot.com

3. Iron Man


The man who brought Marvel’s movie world to life is an
obvious call to death to end his first era.

I would be lying if I did not say that death would have
absolute and perfect meaning. And it would be an approximation of the bow Stark
has been directing since the Avengers’ first film. During the Battle of New
York, Tony realizes how big the universe is and has an existential crisis when
he asks, “Who will save us?” Iron Man 3, he tries to save the world
by using countless self-armor, but recognize the wrong thing. In Age of Ultron
he trusts in something bigger: artificial intelligence. Hoping that he can
build another person to save the world, he fails and creates Ultron. He trusts
the government in the Civil War and assumes that they can do something to help
everyone. They can not, and they end up sharing the heroes. All that remains is
that Stark realizes that if the world is to be saved, one has to do it with the
help of his friends.

And he might have to die to reach his final destination.

Likelihood of death: 1 in 5


Source: technobuffalo.com

2. Thanos


It’s not an Avenger, that’s true, but I never said that we
only include heroes.

Look, Marvel tends to kill his bad guys at the end of every
movie. Seriously, who else is alive? Abomination? Loki? Dormmamu? Zemo? Uh …
red skull? Maybe? It’s really? You see, the only literal reason why Thanos was
not killed at the end of this movie would be if you let him die in the sequel.

Thanos originally died when Adam Warlock prevented him from
conquering the universe by turning it into stone. He was revived only to be
killed by Drax the Destroyer in revenge. He came back again and almost stopped
for his son Thane. Then he was released and Dr. Doom destroyed him. But we did
not finish because Galactus accidentally brought him back to life and blew up a
hell of a lot and killed a war machine. And now it goes on.

Likelihood of death: 1 in 4.


Source: comicvine.gamespot.com

1. Captain America


Who else would it be?

If someone is buried six feet under a large gravestone in
the shape of a post-war infinity, he will be one hundred percent Captain
America. He is the greatest figure of the Avengers, and his death would be
iconographically tragic. Besides, we both have Bucky “Winter Soldier”
Barnes The hawk is waiting to pick up the shield as soon as Steve falls. Rogers
died several times in comics, the most famous when he was shot in the shoulder
and stomach after the Civil War. But it’s not the death I want to focus on. No,
this death, reversed so quickly, comes from the infinity glove.

In the story, Thanos uses all the gems to collect the
Infinity Glove and then releases a group of murders. The best Marvel heroes
gather to stop him, but Thanos kills them all. As the last man stands, Steve
walks quietly across the battlefield, finding himself face to face with Thanos
and … talking to him. Surprisingly surprisingly, Cape tells how Thanos was
ever successful as a man against him. And then Thanos kills him. As for the
final, it is very solid.


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