Business Continuity Plan for my organization mainlyrefers to as a rule, will help the company continue to work in the case of manydisasters such as fires, but it may not be as effective if a significant partof the population is affected, for example, in case of an outbreak. BCPrestores basic business capacities at a substitute site, the DRP groupconcentrates on the restoration of the specialized foundation and businessoperations at the essential site.The recognizable proof of basic businesscapacities and the assets to help them is the foundation of BCP, as thesecapacities are the principal that must be restored at the substitute site.

Business continuityplan for my association: –                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                The commonbusiness continuity planning that includes deliveries and equipment, thelocation of backup data and backup sites, where this plan is available and thatshould have it, as well as contact information for emergency contacts, keyemployees and vendor backup devices.