1452, 15 April. In the Tuscan town of Vinci, Leonardo was born.

          1468. Leonardo arrives for training in the workshop of the Florentine sculptor and painter Andrea Verrocchio.

          1472-1482. Finishes his studies and enlists in the guild of the painters St. Luke. Remaining in Florence for the next ten years, helps Verrocchio in the production of the model of the equestrian monument to Condottiere Coleoni, is engaged in anatomy and other sciences, is considering some technical projects. Picturesque works during this time: the kneeling angel in the “Baptism of Jesus” Verrocchio, “Annunciation”, “St. Jerome “, the so-called” Madonna Benois “,” Adoration of the Magi “, a portrait of Ginevra di Amerigo Benchi.

          1482-1499. Leonardo is leaving for Milan. Enrolled in the College of Duke Engineers, has remained in Lombardy for more than seventeen years, giving much time to scientific research. Also all these years with insignificant interruptions is working on the colossal equestrian statue of Francesco the Great Sforza. Between the works of art – “The Last Supper” and “Madonna in the rocks.”

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          1499, December 14. After the arrival of the French, Milan leaves and through Mantua and Venice returns to Tuscany.

          August 1502 – March 1503. Leonardo in the service of Caesar Borgia.

          1504-1506. Again in Florence. “Battle of Anghiari”, cardboard and painting in the Palazzo Signoria.

          1506-1508. After the quarrel with the Gonfalonier and the Magistrates and the appearance of signs of the destruction of the painting in the palazzo, Leonardo turns alternately in Milan and Florence, but leaning towards Milan. “Treatise on the flight of birds”, “Leda”. Model of the equestrian monument of Jan Giacomo Trivulzio.

          1509-1513. Service in Milan. Hydrotechnical works, anatomy.

          1514-1515. In a room for him in the papal palace, Leonardo experimented with mirrors and wrote “Gioconda”.

          1516-1519. After the defeat of Sforza in the battle with the French under Marignano and the death of Giuliano Medici, King Francis gives the Master a refuge in the castle of Clu near Amboise.

          May 2, 1519. Soon after dawn, Leonardo da Vinci died at Cloix near Amboise, in France.


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