As per my experience and understanding PMO can report to any of C-Level people, the reason behind it is, will helps PMO to gain more knowledge and at the same time he can run the project fast and smoothly.  PMO should always update the C-Level about the project status, then PMO can easily discuss the needs and requirements for the project and PMO can plan the budget required for the project.  PMO can also report to the president, so that PMO can easily follow up with cross functional teams to get the information on time. This will make all responsibilities are have high priority and PMO should not give a chance to any surprise in the ongoing project. PMO must report the Stake holders and promoters on the upcoming changes in ongoing project and must made to work accordingly. PMO must consider the resource needs of the project and he/she should recognize the talents in ongoing projects.If PMO is working on multiple projects at a time, he/she should prepare time sheet of all the scheduled projects and portfolio must be maintained.  Below is the sample format that PMO follows to report the C-Level. PMO should provide tangible and long-term benefits for the organization by running successful projects. I believe most of the enterprise companies will have PMO set up and it’s a key enabler for high performance in any project. PMO must train, teach and provide the oversight project managers and the resources. Global PMOBudgetTimeUpcoming riskHuman ResourceTime boundariesPM1StatusStatusStatusStatusStatusPM2StatusStatusStatusStatusStatusPM3StatusStatusStatusStatusStatus Now a day’s we can see that there is more of digital transformations across all the industries, being said that PMO will also evolve and change a lot during this digital transformation because there is going to be more of artificial intelligence involved in digital IT.And yes, I finally conclude it is acceptable that a PMO can report to chief information officer or any C-level members.