Clothing improvement is one of the most important strategic responses to a decline in sales of clothes. The launch of Per Una (with the 3 hearts logo) which meant for “women” in Italian and its design from Italy which give more choices and translated more quickly into really wearable fashion and stylish. Its target was the modern women who loved contemporary and fashionable clothes. It seemed like Per Una became a highly successful product of the company.

This was supported by the figure of profit margin in Marks & Spencer website which pointed out that the sales of Per Una had been still increased dramatically,  423. 5 million. (www. marksandspencer. com) Jacksons et al also noted that Marks & Spencer was now the UK’s largest clothing retailer. Market share took account for 11% or UK business. (Jacksons et al: 2005) According to Jobber, underwear was an important product of Marks ; Spencer which had been used as a product appeal as well because they improved it in order not to lose their shape after having washed.

In a poll conducted by Fernie et al, in 2003, it was found out that most British purchased lingerie at Marks ; Spencer because of its design and quality. (Fernie et al: 2003) As for menwear, it involved in significant number as well. According to Marks ; Spencer annual report 2006, ‘Blue Harbour’ was still the biggest men’s casual wear brand in the UK because the design and quality met standard requirements. (www. marksandspecer. com). This seems to suggest that Marks & Spencer cloth quality is an important marketing strategy to attract customers.

Marks & Spencer attempted to improve cosmetics quality so that customers were satisfied. The customers’ satisfaction might be supported by a poll conducted by The Sun which stated that the large majority of British girls liked to wear Marks ; Spencer make-up. Lucy Fenton, 22 is one of the samples made a point that she loved it because it provided good quality and reasonable price. (Simon, 2000) Sunday Mail also highlighted this point in an article which indicated that most make-up artists loved Marks ; Spencer beauty products because of its great value and quality.

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(Wilson, 2003) Although the Sun and Sunday Mail were not academic and reliable sources, using these sources could illustrate up- to-dated information from various ranges of sample. In addition, both of them had significant number of female readers so it could be good sources to pick up some interesting information about female especially the issue of cosmetics. The company attempted to make an improvement of a new strategic direction in the UK business through its home furnishing and financial services.

As Stephen J. Arnold indicated in his writing in 2002, “Home improvements and do-it-yourself items (Home Depot) seemed to appeal to lots of customers as can be seen in the frequency of non-food products purchase. ” (Arnold, 2002:pp. 563) According to Marks ; Spencer fact, there was a significant increase in demand for furniture. It accounted for 5. 4% of market share of furniture market in the UK business. (www. marksandspencer. com)


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