It is essential for an individual to abide by his or her own personal, organizational, and cultural values, as well as, sufficient research and self-study in order to become confident in daily decision-making and successfully achieve self-sufficiency. Accomplishing such an achievement will allow for complete independence and a self-acceptance that can not be obtained through any amount of wealth or power.

Some would argue that they are fully self-sufficient and extremely decisive, however, it is true that when it comes to choosing what color to paint the kitchen, what to wear today, or perhaps, what university to attend, there are instances when even the most independent selves will find to be seeking guidance, opinions ,or just sighing with another’s viewpoints altogether. It is fascinating to perceive the regularity of how one’s hunt for advice becomes part of a daily-routine.

Perhaps this is because another making a decision relieves the immediate work, effort, and study required. In this way, it is very similar as to how decisions are made in the work place. There are many people who enjoy their entry-level or, even, associate positions and rather prefer to avoid seeking further development within the organization. Some would define the reason for this to be less stress-involved; there is minimal decision making and no one to answer for.

Unfortunately, because of this pattern of thinking and simple human-nature, not only do some persons rob themselves of better-paying and higher respected positions, but often, these individuals must go against their own moral beliefs and judgment, as well as, personal values to do the instructed work and keep the immediate job. It is important to acknowledge that seeking gaudiness is not at all a dreadful thing to do, what is imperative is that that gaudiness is not the ultimate reasoning behind the conclusive decision.

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On such occasions the verdict is painlessly proven and the subject is most confident in their result. When making a personal judgment it is smart to do some research and seek more then one resource to draw an educated conclusion, staying clear of all misdirected information and deceptive research is key. However, this might be the most difficult part of the entire process, as in the internet age that we live in, it takes work to discover the truth in the information we use.

Essentially, finding accuracy, bias opinion, and factual information on the web demands investigating all its own (Debowski 2002 ; Flanagin, Metzger 2000). From repeating these concepts and self-educating on a regular basis we are able to establish our own personal values; one of the most important of them being true to thyself. The feeling of a liberated and clear conscious is not easily attained but it is greatly rewarding.

Not having to live with guilt or regret allows for a more uplifting spirit and a light-hearted approach that is extremely inviting in personal and business environments and relationships. Another very important value, particularly in an organizational setting, is to take precaution when a decision being made will affect the livelihood of more then one individual. More then a value, it should be a principle, whether an equal or a superior, he or she will not better themselves at another’s expense (Fotis 1996).

There have been many examples throughout history where a greed hungry party seeking to obtain additional wealth and power has allowed for materialistic and idealistic tendencies to skew basic morals and values. One such event occurred in December of 2001 when Enron, once the world’s largest trader in gas, electricity, water, and other commodities; was forced to lay off over 4,000 employees after filing for bankruptcy, but not before paying out the corporate executives hefty bonuses ranging from one thousand to five million dollars.

Many argued that what was done was not just amoral, but completely unethical. Many associates left feeling betrayed and angry, not merely for the deprival of the sovereigns packages, but for the loss of company stock, retirement plans, benefits, and time invested in the business, of this they were robbed. It is almost curious how people commit such caliber crimes on ethical values, more so, it is curious how these people are able to continue with such ease back into their patterned routine of daily life. Cultural values are the final and most important of the different types of values.

Cultural values oversee our lives; they are the laws we abide by outside of the general governing regulations; something we are taught from a very early age. These values are, for the most part, determined by our nationality, cultural, and religious backgrounds. Cultural values are passed on to us from the prior generations, but sometimes, we come to develop our own. Cultural values would include respecting the elderly, knowing one’s role and obligations to their family, and the basis for life goals and triumphs.

Throughout childhood parents are forced to discipline their children; to tell them to be quite when someone else is talking; not to talk back; and to appreciate the things that are bestowed upon them. With these basic values in hand, we go out into the world hoping to build up on the existing foundation. One learns he or she cannot argue back with a superior; or perhaps, try to listen actively to suggestions and advise, even if inaccurate; and most of all, try to be thankful for the people and opportunities live brings with it.

These are essential values for a successful career and a prosperous life. They are, what some would consider, basic knowledge and understanding in a civilized culture. It is essential to avoid going against one’s person beliefs and values to acquire materialistic objects or to feed a hungry greed. Ultimately, the bases for all values consists of being true to thy nature; not to step on another’s toes in order to selfishly indulge; to respectfully portray the uniqueness of one’s diverse upbringing; and when in doubt, to seek knowledge in order to make an educated decision. Making the right decision is imperative, using the best personal values to make the decision is indispensable.


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