Human Resource Management (HRM) includes all the activities managers engage in to attract and retain employees and to ensure that they perform at a high level and contribute to the accomplishment of organizational goals (Towers, David, 2007). Wal-Mart has achieved sustainable competitive advantages and one of the reasons is the success to navigate skillfully between poles that most companies think of as distinct (Matthias H. J, al, 2007). In order to operate the company more effectively and efficiently, Wal-Mart should do more works on their changes of human resource management.

Firstly, the managers of Wal-Mart should ensure that Wal-Mart has the right number and kinds of people in the right places and at the right time. And the employees are capable of effectively and efficiently performing their assigned tasks. Secondly, the managers of Wal-Mart should enhance the recruitment and selection standard. They must prevent from many poor quality people enter into Wal-Mart work.

Wal-Mart should change some strategies in recruiting and selecting employees. And early select the people who have working experience and professional skills. Through the tests, interview, physical exam and reference check to select the person. It is very important that choose the high quality people to work in Wal-Mart. It is not only influence the work effectively but also influences the reputation of Wal-Mart. Thirdly, training the current employees to improve their personal skills. For example, the managers of Wal-Mart can train the employees’ attitude when they are working and they service the customers. Wal-Mart should tell all the staffs that must be smile in the working time.

Besides that, the Wal-Mart should to provide some awards to motive the employees. For example, the Wal-Mart can take some reasonable care for the safety and health of employees and to set up safety and health committee. For example, the Carrefour in China, they always provide awards to motive the staff to work efficiently and effectively. Of course, Wal-Mart should provide adequate insurance coverage for employees.

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Customers spend more time in supermarket than in any other kind of retail environment. So the public security is very important. And it is an advantage that your supermarket have better security that to be attractive and efficient to function in a competitive market. Wal-Mart should arrange more security guards in the supermarket patrolling; in helping the customers at the same time can control the supermarket safety question. And the flammable and explosive things cannot be occur in the Wal-Mart. Many supermarkets had purchased equipments so many years do not change and also do not have regular inspection.

Wal-Mart should improve this situation, the fire control facilities and escape equipments, work implements such as cart, electrical appliances, etc should be change regularly, besides that, Wal-Mart should take out much money to train the staff to learn how to use the equipments and value the fire control facilities maintenance etc. At the same time, the staffs and employees in the Wal-Mart should enhance their general knowledge of security. For example, the employees should understand how to use the electric in suitable way. And the managers of Wal-Mart should monitors the employees’ bad lifestyle and help them to correct. The design of the supermarket is very important, that Wal-Mart should enhance. The Yichu Lotus in China does very well in this aspect; they control the supermarket security very carefully.

Besides that, in the accident harm aspect, Wal-Mart should set up special group to deal this problem and make sure the customers have immediately medical treatments. Through the appropriate program, regular education, regular exercise, check regularly and developing alertness heart to improve the security and make Wal-Mart become more and more successful. Customer spending has its limits and those limits were beginning to become visible on the horizon in late 2005. And the competitors like Target, JC Penney, Kohl’s, Macy’s and others were making increasingly noticeable efforts to win shares of customers. So in order to operate the company more effectively and efficiently, Wal-Mart should enhance its competitiveness.

Firstly, Wal-Mart should expand distribution internationally. They can open many stores all over the world and make Wal-Mart become the most popular retailer in the world. Secondly, Wal-Mart can through the innovation of marketing and management strategies to defeat the competitors. For example, provide some humanity services to attract customers, or low price to attract customers. And the most important is quality.

Quality better than other retailers the customers will come to War-Mart. As we know, Dell driving actions to enhance competitiveness optimize operations. Dell was restoring competitive advantage of the company’s operating model, rationalize its operations and improve profitability and cash flow (, 2008). I believe that Wal-Mart will enhance competitiveness and optimize operations like Dell Company after they take further actions to reduce total product costs across all areas, including operating costs and reducing numbers of employees. All those actions could be strengthen its competitive position and improve profitability and provide a well cost structure. As a result, Levi Strauss Company follow all those of action will make its more competitive and to be dominate position in the market.

Besides that, Wal-Mart should provide more service to the customers to attract more customers. For example, there should be some small shopping cart for children. Like Tesco which belong to England, the international retailer in the world, they have small cart for children and that can attract many children to shopping in Tesco. At the cashier desk can stored some small presents for children. When there are child customers, the server can give them some small presents which can prevent children from crying or being naughty and also make the parents can shopping long time. Among the invisible, this method can increase the sales volume. Other customers will enjoy the good environment inside the supermarket and all of them will satisfy with the services. For example, the Yichu Lotus in China they try to do like this way and it does better than other supermarket.

In the world-wide market, there are many strong competitive retailer companies that against Wal-Mart such as Target, JC Penney, Kohl’s, Macy’s, which were making increasingly noticeable efforts to win shares. So I believe that in order to improve the running of the company, innovation should be adopted by Wal-Mart. As we know, nowadays, the person like to buy things in the international chain stores, new trends started to develop in the market.

In my opinion, I suggest that Wal-Mart should develop some products and good by themselves. And it can help them to create and enhance their branding. For example, the soap, the towel, the washing powder etc. These small things that the people everyday needs to use can be import by some semi-finished products and then through the process, after this, change to their own brand as Wal-Mart. The cost is low so the selling price can be lower than other retailers that make Wal-Mart have competitive.

Besides that, Wal-Mart should import the product what the customer wants, indeed. In order to attract more customers, the most important thing the Wal-Mart should do is to focus on innovations which are product innovation and marketing method innovation. So I suggest that Wal-Mart use the way as Yichu Lotus in China. Yichu Lotus is also a supermarket in China. They sell many things they produce themselves that also have low cost. And Yichu Lotus has much humanity service such as some code case for customer to use. The customers can save their things into the box and the password they know themselves. It is convenience and free to the customers. So many customers like to shop in Yichu Lotus.

Base on above, innovation is the good way to improve the running of the company. So Wal-Mart should to do some innovation. Conclusion and Recommendation Now Wal-Mart’s achievement cannot leave with their effort, but they already have many aspects to improve. We discuss form the management perspective that the Wal-Mart should change and improve in their managing. From five actions that improve Wal-Mart to be more effective and efficiently which are planning, human resource management, improving security, enhancing competitiveness and innovation. If Wal-Mart can improve their management strategies that we can believe that Wal-Mart can be better than today.


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