input and easily record management
processing. Currently, data management remains profoundly biased to traditional
means of paper transfers. Even though the awareness of IT and software products
multiplied over the years, many management processes are still missing in the
quality process and are susceptible to errors (Craig & Sommerville,


If a construction project experiences
a lack of attention on quality then a great deal of emphasis should be placed
upon the snagging procedure in order to eliminate all defects. At times
the prevention and elimination of poor quality are often not seen as an issue
and quality procedures designed to help improve the snagging problems are
ignored because they place a heavy workload onto the construction team. The avoidance
and potential elimination of snags are achievable through the employment of a quality
management procedure. However, the construction industry is known for
experiencing an inability to become quality motivated. In instances where quality is focussed upon, the
quality aspect is compromised to enable time objectives to be met by the site
team. Only when construction companies start to measure costs connected to
snagging and reach a clear understanding of the economics involved with the
snagging procedure, will the quality of the procedure improve resulting in
improved customer satisfaction. The costs related to the snagging process could
end up being higher than initially thought.  This is because the recording process does not
consider the effect that “snags” will have on the project programme and
litigation costs ( Sommerville, et al., 2004).

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Snagging processes prove to be very time
consuming and profoundly dependent upon the communication of snagging
information. Very often site teams experience limitations that inhibit the
efficiency of their ability to record snagging information i.e., time and
competency. Inevitably the snagging process becomes slow, disorganised, untrustworthy,
imprecise and more importantly not customer intensive. If
there is no simple quality procedure in place then the process of recording
snagging information will be further