the foundation of both cognitive

Meanwhile, the foundation of both cognitive and emotional aspect was not solid enough due to lots of uncertainties of the curriculum and other factors, this hinder the effect of setting Chinese History as the compulsory subject to motivate people to do what is expected based on their identity and willing to contribute to the group and make efforts for the benefits of the group.     Some may argue that implementing Chinese History as the compulsory subject in senior level can directly tackle the root cause of the problem of low sense of national identity – lacking understanding of Chinese history. However, this may not be the root cause of the issue.

There are more influential factors, such as tools for socialization : mass media, social media,  parents, affiliation etc. In the age of internet, mass media and social media is the dominate factor to affect the sense of national identity, as over 90 % of teenagers are currently using these social media. 1 Facebook post by 100 most, newspaha’hapers like Mingpao, Passion Times are the most frequently visited website. Comparing to such a huge coverage and prevalence of these media leading to such huge influence of teenagers opinion.

Education, mentioned by Miss Kwang in the above, is just a hard policy by government which tends to use boring ways to infiltrate concepts to students, and students often do not take this seriously due to lack of interest towards the subject, lacking motivation to study implies that the implementation does not have impact in affecting the emotional and behavioural aspect of sense of national identity in both short and long term period of time. 1 HKU POP, (2010, June), ????????????,  ” ?825?????????????????12????????????3?????”,Retrieved from  


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