Improvement and rapid increasing customer

Improvement and rapid increasing customer expectation are the phrases which encourage the technology to enhance its limitation.  Travel Industry is evolving very fast. At this point we have lots of apps, new services and options are available to make our experience better. The emerging technologies and its impact are one of the travel industry’s biggest challenges.

It will be to predict which innovations they should invest in and which ones will take off.  Challenges are becoming more prominent with the technology growth, it is hard to decide, what we want from technology, need to understand what we should improve before we decide and build it.  Technology is that discipline of research on it’s preferable and non-preferable outcomes, not only in the travel industry but other industry as well, is what will help us get closer to a preferable future. We trust the industry can achieve this objective by focusing on a business model that adds customer insight with a great product and, most importantly, keeping the traveller experience at its core.

The technology isn’t reaching there where it can hand over an entire interaction with a customer. But the constantly evolving technology such as AI and machine learning are already having an impact on how we travel for work and pleasure.Customer insights are recently becoming big in a push for personalization. Commonly, airlines are worried about themes like measuring customer satisfaction and its drivers from different phases of the airlines’ experience – primary of which is the part when you are actually flying. This leads to interesting questions like what can be done to improve customer satisfaction and quantifying the ROI on such efforts. Sources of data vary from traditional surveys to open-ended social sensing from mass media.Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Science, Robotics, Predictive Analytics, Travel And Customer experience


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