The social construction of
reality (also social concept) is a theory of knowledge in sociology and
communication theory that examines the development of jointly constructed
understandings of the world that form the basis for shared assumptions about

 In constructing reality, media and religion plays
an important role. An image of reality is given by all media to its audience.
There are various means in the field of media which forges reality for example
the social websites, the advertisements, songs and magazines etc. The social websites
such as Facebook constructs who you are. Another strong aspect is advertising
for example one might have dyed her hair just to match the model on the product
box but it’s never the same. One might have travelled some place just by seeing
the advertisements of the tour printed in the brochure but the place would be
different. A kid might have wanted a toy he sees in the newspaper but when he
gets it, it’s different. A rap song may formulate a reality which would be
considered dangerous as it would depict a criminal lifestyle as fun or a
magazine that suggests only very thin women are beautiful. Stereotypes and
discrimination can also be promoted through other constructions of reality. Media
favors developments, which can create a compelling narrative regardless of how
important those might be. It hunts for symbols and metaphors, preferring those
over more substantive dialogue. It frames reality by amplifying the exceptional
rather than the normal, looking for words and actions that disrupt rather than

Coming towards religion, we
know that religions are found at the heart of societies and evolve within those
societies. The systems of beliefs which arise from religion are interdependent
on the nature of that society. The direct result of evolution within a social
construct depends on how the religions are treated. The faith of individuals
towards their religion results in building reality. For instance in Islam men
grow beards and women cover up their selves so this is specifically related to
Islam whereas people from different religions have taken their getup and have
started promoting negativity which in result has created this abrogating
reality that Islam is not a good religion because the accouterment is linked to


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