When reading the 12 tables laws of Rome, I am half chuckled but yet was appalled by some of the preposterous things they considered laws. If a man had a grievance with another and filed a court case against the other in the court then he had a certain amount of time to wait for the defendant if you will to show up. If the defendant didn’t show up or fled the plaintiff could then arrest him. Honestly what if the plaintiff was conjuring up the grounds for the case to begin with and the entire time the defendant is completely innocent?

The second table I found hilarious. If you have a witness for the case every three days you can go call out loudly for them at their front door. This is funny just at the mental imagery it conjured up. If you acknowledge a debt you have a 30 day grace period to satisfy it and the courts. This in truth is a lot like todays debt system. However we don’t enslave debtors any longer. Then again now days we are enslaved to work to pay the debts we owe or face bad credit and today without credit you can’t buy anything.

The forth table made me very angry. It read that a deformed child would be murdered. This within itself is barbaric and horrible to even imagine. The fifth table a father that sells his son three times gives his son freedom. I couldn’t imagine selling one of my children even once much less three times. If a father does it even once he deserves to not have any children. The sixth table, females basically had no rights and were considered property.

Really? I am glad I didn’t live back then I would have been stoned to death because I am all for equal rights. What is good for one sex is good for the opposite sex. I know in ancient Rome you should never write a song even jokingly that degrades anyone else slandering their name or person. If you bare false witness against someone, in other words lie on them, you will be thrown from what I gathered to be a high rock. Women weren’t allowed to openly grieve at a funeral. So tears streaming down their cheeks and crying out loud wasn’t allowed.

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