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This assignment attempts to clarify some of the institutional and personal factors, which may prevent adults or young people from seeking basic skills tuition. It will suggest how some of these barriers may be overcome.

In particular, it will consider what the teacher can do to create positive attitudes towards learning in the student. Personal and Institutional factors Although I have attempted to place the factors under the appropriate heading, usually the factor relates both to the individuals’ personal factors and the factors considered by the organisation providing the basic skills support.The individual has their needs and experiences; the institution provides facilities to fulfil the needs and requirements of the individual whilst providing the environment necessary to encourage the development of the individuals’ basic skills. Encourage and adopt good study skills techniques giving learners individual profiles and learning plans with checklists Language Ensure that the language used is suitable for the group and that translation facilities are available for use if requiredAttitudes and approaches to work Encourage the learners to have a structured and disciplined approach to the tasks required. This approach is part of the life skills required for work. Tutor expectations Tutor expectations of students ability should be tailored and amended as the course progresses but will initially be based on the first meeting with the learner. It is important for the tutor to realize that each individual will achieve and progress at their own level and speed Group ExpectationsWhat are the group hoping to achieve during the course or at the end of the course. What are the tutor’s expectations; if there is a difference what is it.

These expectations will change as the learners become involved in their learning plan but need to be kept ‘on track’. Group background What is the group background? Are they all of a similar background, what resources will be applicable for use, hoe long will the sessions need to be, are they any group limitations or factors that will require changing the course.


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