Simulated experiences as well as direct experiences allow workers to manipulate objects and so envision the consequences of the decisions they are going to take. In this sense managers can see that the use of simulations is in keeping with both ‘situated learning’ and ‘cognitive apprenticeship’. These approaches mean that instead of directly attempting to acquire abstract principles individual workers can separately undertake tasks which accomplish realistic goals desirable to the organisation manager.

Out of this experience workers may start to appreciate perceptual differences and the gap between these within work colleagues may not seem apparent anymore. However individuals within the workforce may start to encounter difficulties in learning from simulations. Some workers can concentrate better on manipulating software to complete tasks without engaging in deep mental processing activities that create the basic principles governing model behaviour. However whilst Piaget saw dialectic as essentially private Vygotsky recognised the power of dialogue in mediating the skill process.

Vygotsky emphasised the role of important others such as in this case the role of organisational managers. These figures could help the developing child or the developing workforce in this case to recognise the limitations of current modes of thinking by engaging in verbal dialectic. What Vygotsky explained was that the tutor’s function in educational interactions is to relate the individual’s concrete experiences to more abstract and expert representations.

This can be applied to the managers teaching their workforce. Workers cannot be expected to spontaneously generate expressions for themselves. However the relevant features of cases which underpin these concepts need to be explicitly pointed out, focused on and re-represented by the organisational manger. It can be seen as the organisational mangers role to bridge the task and the ways in which each individual worker can perceive information, process it and grasp the concept of the task to hand.

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