According to 3 approaches of leadership contingency or situational leadership would be suitable for boundary hotel to solve the problem regarding team work and lack of leadership qualities. The main purpose of the contingency approach is to provide the leader with a particular leadership style which suits best to the situation. It is best explained by Hersey-Blanchard’s situational mode(1970). As from the above model which is given by Hersey and Blanchard which clearly shows that if maturity level is low the employee needs more telling (coaching) and if the maturity is high they need to be delegated well.

This concept is lacking in our organization where the employee lacks training from the manager and because of which more coaching is needed but first of all management system needs to be changed where the power distance between the manager and employee should reduced and employee should not feel pressure in working with senior managers this could be done by the programme “train the trainer” which means that managers receive training from the top management where how to retain staff and full their needs.

We can also implement training and development programme for the staff where before employing on the job he would receive in-depth training from the human resource department and which would be continued by the on job training and would also be reviewed on quarterly basis.

This theory also states that it should be two way relationship between employer and employee where both of them have to cooperate for there mutual benefits and success of the organization this could be done through staff meeting on monthly basis where staff can contribute to the meeting with the way of improvement as they are the one who are more interacting with the guest and taking feedback as how the current situation could be improved, by implementing this idea employee/ staff would feel special as they are being part of the organization and would help build their own morale.

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All the four stages discussed above are similar to the four stages in situational leadership respectively so by implementing both of them in relation to each other it could help organization in resolving staff problems. It could be improve by forming social networking group where employee would interact outside work about their social life which would bring them closer to each other and will also benefit the organization. Organizing staff picnic or staff party where everybody would interact with each other and would be able to enjoy as a group.

According to Handy who suggest that there are four cultures power, role, task and people which could be relate to the four stages given by Tuckman and Belbin. Handy says that organization is based on his four cultures and would vary according to the external demands and constraints of organization. For eg manager should be more free to answer the question of the employee and because of which power distance between them would decrease and more team bonding would form.

Every staff member would be rewarded on the basis of his or her performance would not be biased towards anyone these would help in avoiding differences which are later related to culture and could harm team work. For e. g. manager should implement promotional programme where if a waiter sells number of champagne glasses he or she would receive a free dinner coupon of a dining restaurant or if a chef is constantly performing very well he receive couple of movies tickets these way it would also enable them to perform and exceed their limits.

After recruitment manager in boundary hotel should follow appraisal performance check which should be done on quarterly basis where boss meets each team member individually in a relaxed manner and discuss about his or her performance and what measure need to be taken to improve or maintain the performance and it should be a two way check where manager will also be judged on his performance by 360 degree feedback this can be done through subordinates, peers, senior manager or customers.

Manager with help of general manager should also try to implement staff facilities such as locker rooms and cafeteria. it would help staff as they would feel that they are care in the organization and it would benefit organization in positive manner as well if staff get the place where they all can meet and have food together it will also help in bringing people closer and help fight with cultural conflict and by making a social networking group of the organization where all can communicate outside working hours will also bring people closer and interact with each other.

It is another area where our organization lacks a lot and need to improve on it because of lack of training staff has poor skills to perform a particular job and result in low morale in staff and de- motivated as they cannot perform a task so It is recommended that staff should be given training with the help of D;D group where all the employee would receive training before joining the job which would increased productivity, improved levels of skills, increase in efficiency and which will result in business growth.

According to DfES(1997) report it clearly states that training and development has resulted in increased retention of staff and motivated them towards work and be loyal towards there employer. So I would recommend that training and development should be given the most importance as it is the foundation for the success of the organization.


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