Finally, an entrepreneur should take advantage of communication resources. Studies show that the most successful entrepreneurs and leaders know their limitations and seek outside counsel and resources. (Fenson) Representing is also another function that is important to a business. Without the proper communication skills it will make representing the business appropriately a daunting task. Representing is being a liaison for the organization to outside groups or individuals. Improper representation could be damaging to a business. (Resources)

With good communication skills a leader can also be en effective motivator. Motivating is an important function of any entrepreneur. It is important for a business leader to ddiscuss the link between attitude and job performance. As a motivator, identifying strategies that will improve job performance can be very beneficial. There are two forms of motivation, negative and positive. Positive motivation that yields a positive outcome is always a win-win situation. Unfortunately, that doesn’t always happen. Sometimes people will only react positively to negative motivation.

This is generally an employee trying to avoid a situation that they will not like. It is important to remember that negative motivation does not always yield a negative outcome. However, whether an employee does a great job or has made a mistake, sometimes positive motivation can encourage an employee to achieve the organization’s goals or objectives. Also a good business leader recognizes and sometimes rewards good effort as well as results. After the tool of motivation is used, it is important for a business leader to measure the progress towards the organization’s goals. He must take on the role of evaluator.

An entrepreneur must frequently analyze the progress made, and where the business is meeting its goals and where it has experienced shortcomings. This will allow he or she to decide if any modifications need to be made with the business strategy. (Motivation) After the evaluations have been made the entrepreneur should provide meaningful feedback or analysis regarding the goals to the employees. Reporting allows the employees a chance to know where they stand. Furthermore, it lets the managers know what changes need to be made in order to reach the organizations goals. Efficient organizing is important to a business.

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The formal structure of the establishment could mean the difference in an organization becoming successful or not. When the entrepreneur is addressing the structure of the organization he must state a definition of organization. Then state why organization is important in their work environment. State ways they can modify their environment to meet their organization needs. Finally identify and explain the strategies that will improve organization. It is instrumental to have the right people in the right position. This will ensure that the staffing of the organization will be handled in the proper fashion.

Staffing refers to the selection, assignment, training and retention of the workers. It is important to have employees that are willing to undergo the necessary training and then carryout their assigned tasks. (Gomez) Delegating is a method of getting work done, with each employee taking a role in the process. In this process, part of the overall workload is distributed to the employees. In delegation it is important to keep the employees interested and invested in the task that they have been assigned. Furthermore, delegation helps develop the organization’s future leaders. Some keys to delegating that a good business leader may use are:

Clearly define the task. The desired results should be stated; many times it is better to let the individual or group use their creative ideas to reach them. Define the accountability involved. The employees must be held accountable for their actions. Successful delegation involves defining the responsibilities and expectations associated with carrying out the task. Give guidelines to begin. Many people need to be given a starting point. Providing guidelines on how to begin will increase the risk that the task will be completed successfully. Monitor the tasks. It is important not to suffocate the individual or group.

Establish a way to communicate progress which allows the task to be monitored. Give feedback along the way. The feedback must be sincere, and be used as a source of motivation. Feedback allows the employees to know that their work is worthwhile. (Clary) There are many roles that the entrepreneur must take on when operating a small business. Without a doubt role is more important as being a good leader. When an entrepreneur can make good decisions and communicate well with others the business stands a good chance of being successful. With this great task comes the freedom of owning your own small business.


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