One of Anglo platinum values is to care for its environment (Appendix 1). The Group’s environmental policy and guidelines were redrafted during 2000 to ensure their alignment with the Anglo American Policy. Each business unit at Anglo is accountable and responsible for it’s environmental management function. Anglo complies with international standards of the environment as well as the ISO 14001. Anglo invests a lot of money in the research at Johnson Matthey to optimise performance and keeping the environment pollution free. ” ISO 14001 is focussed on establishing best practice and concentrates on proactive management of environmental issues.

The approach is one of seeking continuous improvement in the methods of working, the processes employed and the equipment used. ” Programmes to monitor emissions to air, land and water are continuing where relevant at business units. Information gathered is use in predictive models, to inform remediation programmes, to determine impacts and to demonstrate compliance. Although Anglo expanded significantly the last two years it’s water use have decreased dramatically, due to the optimising uses of it. At Amplats the environment is very important.

Suggestions were made to even change the way Head gears look in the environment by covering them with artificial rock art or even to make them look like trees, like Vodacom does with it’s towers. One of the key strategic objectives of Amplats is to “develop and grow the market for platinum group metals”. The growth and development of the platinum market is a cornerstone of Amplats strategy. Considerable funds are allocated to ongoing research and development to ensure that platinum’s position at the forefront of industrial and automotive applications is consolidated and strengthened.

Platinum is one of the worlds most demanded metals because of its unique physical conditions, chemical properties, beauty and rarity. Platinum and Palladium are used in chemicals for example nitric acid and PGM catalysts, hard disks, medical instruments, fuel cells, jewellery, auto catalysts, and micro chips. Demand for platinum grew by 5 % in 2001 mainly due to the steady growth of the jewellery industry and higher demands for auto catalysts, because of emission control legislations. Amplats expects a further growth in the Chinese jewellery market, while the Japanese market is expected to stabilise at current demand levels.

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Use in auto catalysts will also increase due to diesel vehicles and the switch from palladium to platinum in industrial industries. Because of the higher demand for platinum Amplats announced on 16 May 2000 its decision to increase Group production from the 1999 base of 2,0 million to 3,5 million ounces of refined platinum by the end of calendar year 2006. As a effect of this Amplats decided in 2000 to start with the following expansion products: The Amandelbult UG 2, Union UG 2 expansion, Bafokeng Rasimone, RPM waterval project UG 2, Maandagshoek, Middelpunt Hill and Pietersburg Smelters.

As a result of Amplats ongoing market research they are still in 2002 in line with their objective to product 3,5 million ounces per annum by 2006. By continuing with its strategy of developing the market and expanding in the growth so created, Amplats continues to strengthen its lead as the world’s largest platinum producer. After the terrorist attacks in New York City on the 11 September another disaster emerged for the business community; how to salvage their corporate and financial data. Almost every company is rethinking what they are doing and what they should do in a disaster situation.

Anglo Platinum has a dedicated recovery team in place to continuously monitor, test and evaluate data management and recovery systems. Electronic Data Systems (EDS), an outsource partner of Anglo Platinum tests all their mission-critical systems on a regular basis and improvements are implemented were there are weak links. Strikes are one of Amplats most costly “disasters” that happens sometimes. Amplats strive to have good relations with its employees and unions and they try through negotiation to minimise these strikes.

War, floods etc. also has great financial impact on Amplats, although they are insured, it is not just the money but also the motivational and physiological effects these things have on people that is of great concern to the mine. Anglo platinum strives to avoid these disasters as far as humanly possible. ” Anglo Platinum believes that its HR philosophy, strategy and practices are of a progressive and world class nature and provide a good foundation for optimising its employee performance. “


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