When Vietnam veterans came home

“When Vietnam veterans came home they found an America that was polarized.They found hawks vs doves blacks vs whites, men vs women, young vs old, Paden said”The Vietnam war was a war that was a very long and painful war during and after the war with the welcoming they didn’t expect to get.The Vietnamese war made a connection to The Odyssey because of the journey the story of Odysseus had the epic journey.

The tale of Odysseus relates to these articles about Vietnam veterans because of the problem they both faced to go back to their home and family and both were fighting for an extended amount of time.           As the Vietnam veterans not welcomed to their home in the way they were expecting in a parade and party and people thanking them some of them had PTSD so bad it was controlling them from doing any other thing because of what they experienced in the war.Welcoming of both story was a different point view because they had the same experience but the different way they managed the situation they faced but the other similarity was that both stories had a group of soldiers.” you yellow dogs you thought I’d never make it home from the land of Troy.

You took my house to plunder twisted my maids to serve your beds”.(pg1158) When oddysues returned back home he did not face much challenge than what was actually was planned for him he didn’t expect all of this he knew he was gonna face trails but not to this degree .”Body count- measuring the success of the war in the number of enemy dead instead of how much land has been freed”When the vets got home the didn’t feel like themselves everything that happened in the war made the situation of going back home difficult.”We will do everything necessary to reach that objective.And we will only what is absolutely necessary.”(Lyndon Johnson what people forgot during the Vietnam war was that the veterans wanted to come home as well not only because they want to see their family but they want to feel safe again.


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