They produce quantative data, which will in turn measure the strength of a connection between different factors, comparisons and differenced between different respondents. There are also a few disadvantages to this method which include:  Those who reply may not be typical to the population therefore you can’t generalise. The response rate is difficult to tell Questionnaires produce quantative which is useful in my method of research as then I can compare the respondents results to therefore I can come to a conclusion to whether females do the majority of household and childcare tasks.

However I cannot generalise, as I would have to observe the whole country then. I will use both open and closed questions to get different types of information such as qualitative and quantative data. I will be using quantative data to make comparisons by the statistics which are produce from this type of data. Furthermore, I will be using qualitative data, as well as to get explanations and reasons. However, I will be using mostly closed questions to keep confidentiality and anomonity.

Another reason, for this choice is that then the results produced will be clear and will be easily classed. In my questionnaire I am going to ask questions such as: Who carries out the most childcare and houshold tasks? Do you and your partner do particular jobs around the house e. g woman – childcare, man – D. I. Y. In addition, I am going to produce a chart for the respondents to complete which will definatley be clear and easy for the respondents and for me.

All of the questions I am asking in my questionnaire will link to my aims and answer my hypothesis. Due to the fact my respondents will not recognise sociological words I am going to have to explain in a lot more detail so that it is easy to understand. It is also going to be hard to break down the aims to understandable sentences, as the respondents will only be estimating their answers. My method of research is definatley very reliable in many ways as I am likely to get all replies back from the questionnaire as I will be giving it to people I know.

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However, some people may lie which will give invalid data. I will promise to keep to ethical issues such as anonomity and confidentiality and will make sure I have their full consent. Additionally, I will make sure my questionnaire is sensitive by piloting it on people I know such as my parents. By piloting I will be able 2 correct errors and mistakes to make it clear and concise for my respondents.


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