I have been given the task to investigate in to results for Football Games in the top Leagues of England. The Task is to Analyse Football results from many different views E. G. Goals per League or Home wins compared to Away wins. I have been asked to choose a Hypothesis for the results that I will analyse. After considering at many different Hypothesis (Predictions) for topics like Goals scored in each league, Goals scored by Home and Away team, Home/Away Wins Draw etc I have decided to investigate into Home/Away Wins and Draw I will also investigate into relationships between Goals scored by the Home and Away Teams.

To begin my investigation I will have to gather information about results in the 4 leagues that I shall be testing my theory on. To collect this information I have been given sheets with results of matches in each league, the results are from a random dates which happens to be 2nd March 2003 and 13th April 2003. Each of the data sheets have results for the Premiership, Division 1, Division 2 and Division 3. From the sheets of results I have been given I will be able to produce 8 different results.

This is how my results add up to let me analyse 8 different sets of data: 2 Premiership sets of data as they are from 2 different dates. 2 Division 1 same reason as stated for Premiership. 2 sets of Data from Division 2 (different dates) and another 2 sets of Data from Division 3 (again different dates). I believe these sets of data will be sufficient to prove my prediction correct. The data that I have receive must be accurate otherwise all the predictions will be proved wrong.

If I am unfortunate to receive data which is false or on a date that Football results were very odd then my prediction could be proved wrong. I will be able check that my Data is accurate because I have been given sheets of completely different dates to investigate. If the sets of Data are completely different then I can emphasise on the fact that the what I analyse will be inconsistent in its accuracy. I will also have to point this out to the examiner to show the reason for the hypothesis going wrong (if the hypothesis is wrong)

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When I had obtain the results (for Football Matches) I located it all into one large table, this will make it simple for me to view the Data all neatly alongside each other. This is the first thing I did. To fill the table I used many different techniques and calculation on the data. Differents methods to show average were calculated on the amounts of goals scored and goals scored home/away. The methods used were Mean Median and Mode. After completing the table (which analyses all the theories) I produced many different charts to any analyse all the data in a different perspective.

These charts were bar charts. The method/technique I have chosen to analyse and attempt to prove my Hypothesis correct is to use the mean Data, on the results I have put in to the Table (for Home/Away Goals scored) I will also charts to help me analyse the data in a better visual way. There is no real specific method/technique for me to use on comparing home/away wins and draws, so I will just use different types of charts (bar Chart, Pie Chart etc)


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