Transferring some of the responsibilities of the HR function has implications which can be positive & negative. Relationships amongst staff could potentially have both differing implications; if done successfully can bring people closer together & adversely it could also lead to staff, line managers & HR being unhappy, low moral & people not knowing what direction their going in. The understanding a line manager will have of a role can be a benefit to the staff and the company, majority of line managers would have done similar roles so they know how to succeed.

Although having been in that position its important to be wary of the fact that favouritism & bias can follow due to managers being close to employees. Line managers may not want to take on the responsibilities of HR and pose the responses; It doesn’t allow me to do my job, it’s just common sense & its not important to me so why should I do it? In these types of scenarios organisations need to take steps to correct these beliefs straight away. With line managers believing that they don’t have enough time they could re assure the managers that they can do it, review how they get on ; use HR to support them every step of they way.

Through them doing this line managers could feel valued and start to believe they can do the job. Underlining the benefits of doing this to line managers and getting them to believe in it can help them get over problems and through support from HR every step of the way lot of the anxieties they may have will go away. The importance of these negatives is reiterated by Harris, Doughty ; Kirk (2002): “HR specialists shared their concerns but in terms not only of the lack of specialist knowledge but also the level managerial skills & commitment to handling employment issues. ”

So it is vital that when implementing the required training is given ; that the necessary support is there for the line managers. Knowing the staff better can help during times when encouragement is needed as line managers work with them on a daily basis so will know their personalities, this can help for dealing with different people I. e. some may need to be shouted at and some may need an arm round them. Through reward and recognition from line managers better relationships can be formed which can lead to building a better workplace ; re affirm commitment from all forms of staff.

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As the line managers are I the prime position to do this it will more beneficial for them to do this than HR ; rewarding success will be important for the staff environment. Training is important as done correctly will means that line managers will know all aspects of their jobs ; feel confident enough to do them. Having line managers introduce induction plans means they will be involved in how new recruits begin their training as well and hopefully lead them to become fully competent at their job.

If sufficient training isn’t given problems could occur with legislation & regulations not being met & inconsistencies appearing, this could then lead to action being taken through tribunals, with the results potentially being catastrophic. With the cost for such action becoming increasingly higher its imperative that the correct measures are taken in training so that organisations don’t incur that financial burden. McGovern (1998) underlines this by saying: “as the potential costs of litigation rise, it increases the importance attached to the specialist HR functions role in protecting the organisation.

In such circumstances devolution to the line is accompanied by increased monitoring. ” The attitude ; respect that line managers have towards their responsibilities they inherit is important, its possible that managers might not see them as their responsibility leading to work not being done, resentment amongst staff ; confusion as to who does what role. This could then lead to staff following suit with their attitude, morale reducing ; jobs not being done throughout the company. Consistency is key as it allows people to understand their goals ; underlines where they want to go.

Its needed between the line, HR ; staff as it could lead to staff being confused by the structure ; who to go to. The more that line managers ; HR work together to find solutions will determine there success, this is summed up by Harris, Doughty ; Kirk who believe: “The vital factor will be to what extent these HR processes are he product of a shared development process & joint ownership by HR staff & line manager s and how effectively line managers are prepared for the new HR responsibilities. ”

With the HR function in organisations moving towards line managers there are many areas that need to be considered when implementing, these include training, structure, costs, attitudes, compliance, processes ; workloads. In order to make sure that these functions are implemented properly the two need to communicate with one another ; work together as neither could do it without co-operation. This will lead to organisations becoming more strategic including quicker more streamlined processes, improved recruitment ; organisations being more profitable.


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