It is not a perfect way recruiting people from the star sign because a lot of high capability people may not born under these five star signs. For example, <http://www. 4to40. com/legends/print. asp? p=Eddie_Lampert>, Eddie Lampert is a famous investor, financier, and businessman in USA. In 2006, he was the richest businessman in Connecticut. He was born on 19 July 1962 under Cancer signs. As a result, he is a good representative of successful person in work and personal life who was not born under the five star signs.

Even though it is not against the law in Austria that the company is allowed to recruit new employees from the star signs they are in, it seems to be unethical for the other who are suitable for the position due to their field of study or their work experience. The company should consider the strength of candidates more than the belief in star signs because it discriminates other skilled workers who was born in the other star signs and might be able to make more progress to the company.

It absolutely cut off their opportunity by the groundless reason of the star sign statistical research that was only the trend but it cannot confirm that it is totally right. Individual’s personal capabilities came from his or her background, hometown, environment, education, financial status, and experiences more than just which star sign they are in. For example, ;http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Steve_Jobs; Steven Paul Jobs who is the co-founder and chief executive of Apple Company and also the board director of Walt Disney Company is the person that was not born under the five star signs and is successful in his work.

Jobs was born in February 24, 1955 under Pisces. He is the person who is creative because Jobs began and developed i-phone that is popular at the present time. This example can state that Steven Paul Jobs is successful due to his work background rather than star signs. Normally, the successful companies recruiting new employees from right capabilities and personalities as mentioned before. However, the companies also need to train their employees regularly to have more skills and make their knowledge up to date to make they work more effectively.

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Boontanon (1999) defined training as a procedure that is systematically arranged to change the behavior, attitude, knowledge, and skills of the workers to develop human and work quality that leads to increasing in outcome and meet the goal of the organization. (1999) states that training can be separated into two types: initial or short term training and continuing or long term training. Initial training is for new employees of the company who are not experienced in understanding the company instructions, policies, and scopes of work to be ready to work.

Continuing training has many objectives including review of the previous session in company’s policies, goals, and conditions. Also, to make understanding in the change of the company such as new policies and what is happening in the market recently. This training gives more knowledge and skills to the employees via lecture, demonstration, group discussion, workshop, case study, and other activities to make them work more actively and effectively in order to improve customers’ satisfaction. Finally, the company should not advertise on star signs because it is too specific.

This advertisement can be blamed because it seems to discriminate the work opportunity of people who have proper capability and personality for the work but were not born under the requested star signs. The company can still seek new employee persisting in this method but they should accept every candidate’s applications and sort out whose star sign does not match the requirements after that without letting them know in order to maintain the company’s reputation as an insurance company. If the company looks unreliable, how can the people trust and do insurance with it?


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