Salzburg Insurance Company is an Austrian company that proudly advertises to the public recruiting new part-time employees who were born under the star sign of Capricorn, Taurus, Aquarius, Aries and Leo as the company believes that people in these five star signs tend to be good workers according to the statistic researched. There are some advantages of recruiting people this way as it lowers the number of the applicants that make ease for the company to seek qualified people and also influence people who strongly believe in star signs to join the company.

On the other hand, this method still has many disadvantages as there is no scientific evidence to prove the relationship between star sings and working achievement. It seems discriminates other talented people’s opportunity even though it is legal and therefore it causes bad publicity to the company because it looks unbelievable. Introduction In these days, there are a lot of processes for the firm to recruit suitable people to be their employees.

Schermerhorn (2004) states that there are three steps of recruiting new employee: advertise of the job position vacancy, preparatory contract with the suitable capability candidates, and finally screening to settle a group of qualified applicants. Commonly, for seeking the new employees, the company needs to consider the candidates’ application forms including age, sex, field of study, physical and mental capability, criminal conviction, previous employment, testing employees, and interview, (Raymond 2006).

However, there are some companies that consider the candidates’ blood group such as some Japanese companies as they believe that people of different blood groups have different characteristics ;http://www. allsands. com/health/bloodtypeperso_zud_gn. htm;. There are also other companies that select candidates based from Chinese zodiac year of birth such as Charoen Pokphand Group (CP) in Thailand to make sure that the zodiac of the employees are supporting the managing director’s zodiac so that there is no obstacle for the company improvement.

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For thousands and thousands of years, people believe that many natural events are supernatural as they could not explain them scientifically. They have also tried to find out the reasons and relationships among things and events around them such as the relationship between star signs and personalities and found that people in the same star sign had some common characteristics. Although the years had passed and a lot of people are now highly educated, some of the researches from the past can still be referred.

According to the Salzburg insurance company, the company uses the advertisement to recruit the employees by selecting from the people who born under the star signs. Although it is affirmed by the Austrian authorizes that choosing people from the star signs is certainty legal, some people may feel that they are discriminated for the job opportunity. Company’s overview Salzburg Insurance Company is an Austrian company located in Salzburg, Austria established in 1938.

It is a multiple insurance company that provides insurance services classified into auto insurance, home insurance, business insurance, life insurance and health insurance. The company recruits part-time employees over twenty of age in sales and management position who were born under star signs of Capricorn, Taurus, Aquarius, Aries and Leo. The company argues that most of the best employees were born under one of the five star signs based on the statistical research so that they persist in this system in order to hire the best workers and it also not against the law recruiting employees this way.


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