External recruitment method which saves time on going through the resumes is employed (Collins & Scott 2003). Interview success rates will be increased since agencies which follow the job description and specification given to them recommends only qualified candidates (Brown & Associates 2002). External recruitment brings in a more dynamic workforce and fresh blood. Nonetheless, external hiring can be used as a great tool or they can turn out to be a waste of your money.

Compton, Morrissey and Nankervis (2009) states that while new employees may not fit in culturally, the orientation period will be longer together with more education and development required. Attraction of Financial Controller The position of Financial Consultant favors in internal recruitment. The foremost benefit of internal promotion is the morale boost on current employees to compete by upgrading (Mcshane & Travaglione 2002). Turnover rate might reduce due to the proper succession plan (Parus 2006).

Moreover, cost incurred for internal recruitment is significantly lower and it is easier to access the applicant’s ability (Compton, Morrissey ; Nankervis 2009). In opposition, morale of those passed over may be low and could also lead to political infighting for promotion. In addition, it might result in no fresh ideas being driven and organizations which promote internal recruitment may receive criticism from those outside organization. Selection Process

The recommended selection process as shown in Appendix1 is typically not followed by every organization or varies in different position hiring. The shorter the process is, the lesser the chance of losing the potential employees. Resume Resume is an easy and fast way to eliminate those who do not suit the criteria. However resumes are the self branding tools of applicants; it can be exaggerated and misrepresented (Compton, Morrissey ; Nankervis 2009). Reviewing the resumes is very time consuming for the HR executives.

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The first person to review the resumes of the Sales Executive is the HR executives. Although this can eliminate the employees who are not suitable, it might also cause the company to lose talent since they may misgauge the suitability of the candidate as the HR Executives are after all not the people who best know the job. Preliminary Interview Interview is the most commonly used in selection. Interviews which take out a relatively long chair time should achieve a more fruitful and lay a 2 folds effect; for the applicant to know more details about job scope (Compton, Morrissey ; Nankervis 2009).

The 2 folds effect is seen in the hiring of Sales Executives since the interviewer is the Branch Manager who knows the job very well. However the interviewee for Financial Controller might not get to know much details of the actual job scope since the General Manager is unlikely to know the exact details of the job scope. Furthermore, when it is not a HR executive performing the interview, it can lead to common fault of stereotyping and presenting the wrong body language which create a negative impression of the organization.

At the same time, the Branch Manager can determine if the Sales Executive could speak well because if the job applicant cannot even talk to the interviewer during the interview, it will be impossible for this applicant to be able to talk to the retailers. Testing Test used for selection is an objective and standardized measurement which can provide information with regards to the skills, aptitudes and competencies of the interviewee (Compton, Morrissey ; Nankervis 2009).

However the drawback is that tests might not be valid and reliable at times (Mcshane ; Travaglione 2002). Agreeing with what CooperVision is doing, it is not necessary for Sales Executive to go through testing since their key job is to close sales and it cannot be tested. Personality test is performed on the Financial Controller while it makes perfect sense to do so for it takes someone who can stay calm and be analytical even in extreme conditions. Background Investigation

Some evidence demonstrates exaggerated / misrepresented applications in more than 30% of the applicants (Compton, Morrissey ; Nankervis 2009). In a sensitive job like Financial Controller, it is necessary to do a background check since the person who is in control of the finance need to be truly certified and of high integrity (Gerstein ; Moore 2003). However, the organization is doing background investigation only on the Financial Controller and not the Sales Executive.

One of the key criteria in Sales Executive’s job specification states the need for good track record. Since that is one of the main criteria for selection of candidate, it ought to be checked. Selection and Final Interview In both the positions, the selection and final interview is combined into one interview, thus saves time for both parties. Panel interview is stressful but it is useful in testing the sales executives since they may need to face high demanding retailers.

However Panel interview is not used for the position of Financial Controller where accuracy of interview might get affected (Compton, Morrissey & Nankervis 2009). Medical In CooperVision, medical checks are not employed due to the high cost and legislation issues. This can be a short sighted choice because the money spent in long term can be very expensive if the medical condition of the potential employee turned out being unsuitable for the job and can even lead to lawsuits if the job aggregated the current health problem of the employee (Mcshane & Travaglione 2002).


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