In the case of a recruitment agency, Lynn could utilise their expertise. The direct targeting of individuals would certainly help to produce the desired standard of candidate. An agency would have the facilities to carry out interviews in assessment centres and even psychometric testing. This would help to reduce applicants to a more manageable number, as was carried out by Profiles Resource Management on behalf of Deloitte and Touche (HRM International Digest, 1999:pp12-14).

The recruitment agency would be able to shortlist candidates much easier, allowing Lynn to make a selection from only ideal candidates. Online recruitment could also be used. Abbey National used this method to greatly reduce the number of inappropriate applications. Rather than concentrating all their time on rejecting unsuitable candidates, they could focus on those who were likely to be successful, (HRM International Digest, 2000:pp17-18).

Although the option of using an agency might appeal, and the results may well be favourable, the high cost of using specialists could be restrictive. If the cost of using a recruitment agency were too high for Lynn, it would be necessary for her to begin advertising for the shop manager position. Using the job description and person specification, Lynn would be required to design an advert, and decide where best to place the it. As discussed by Beardwell and Holden, (2001), it is the aim of the advertisement to attract only suitable applicants.

This may seem obvious at first, but if the advertisement is incorrectly designed or placed in an inappropriate media, then not only will suitable applicants be discouraged, but inappropriate applicants may be encouraged. This would result on not only increased administration, but also the potential to overlook the right person. Therefore, Lynn must decide the best placement for the advert, for example, newspapers or professional publication, and ensure it is well designed, and includes how the potential applicants should apply.

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The most common method for candidates to apply for a position is by completing an application form. It is likely that Total Sports would have this system in place, but Lynn should ensure the standard form suits her needs. If it does not, then it should be re-designed. HR Focus (1998), state that over seventy percent of applicants found that paper based recruitment was unreliable; therefore, Lynn must ensure that there are administrative procedures in place to send out, and receive application forms. If candidates believe their forms will not be read or acknowledged, they may not apply at all.

Once the deadline for applications has passed, Lynn must begin the evaluation process. Using the job analysis and person specification, she must decide which applicants to interview. Those who are not successful should be notified. Lynn must then prepare for interviewing candidates. The place of the interview, the types of questions to be asked, and the process of documenting the interview must all be considered. Lynn must also be aware that the techniques used in the interview will determine its validity. Lynn’s attitude towards the candidate could undermine the process.

For example, stereotyping or the horns and halo effect. Once the interviews have been completed, Lynn must either make a shortlist of the applicants and re-arrange further interviews, or make a selection. It is essential that the selection process is also documented and is non discriminatory. The successful applicant should then be offered the position, and if accepted, unsuccessful applicants notified. At this time the administration procedures for new employees should begin, including induction programmes.

When the new employee has completed a probation period, Lynn should re-evaluate the recruitment procedures to ensure the aims of the business were met. This essay has highlighted the mistakes Lynn made regarding the appointment of Shelly. An alternative systematic approach has been shown, which acknowledges the need for a set procedure to ensure both the business goals are met, and legislation is adhered to. By following these procedures, Lynn would ensure any new member of staff was effective in the position for which they were employed.


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