Business Reengineering breaks down the traditional functional organization and brings about work organization around processes15. People will increasingly work in teams which is the most suitable entity to take end to end responsibility for a project. The same person will be member of several teams in one time, they may perform other duties16 allowing people to try themselves in different specialties. Businesses must no longer simply be places to work and to produce a profit for the shareholders Instead they must become “membership communities. “17

Not everyone in the core has to be a member. There can be some people with whom you enter into ordinary contractual relationships and who simply work there. But the people upon whom your long-term future depends must be members. 18 The long-term future of a corporation depends upon its professionals just as your survival depends upon the Doctors in the emergency room. Decisions have to be made where the knowledge is. So Professionals should have rights within the organization. Those people–by virtue of their professionalism–are at the heart of the high-commitment organization.

To run an organization like that, one really have to base it around relatively small, long-term, continuing units where each member has a high level of commitment. Employers have to seek critical thinkers with broad, multi-disciplinary knowledge, analytical and technological skills and who can adapt to change. An interesting solution could be “Work Centres”22. This is not traditional office23 , They would be located all over and people living nearby24 would be going there to work thus ensured social interaction.

25 All the negative elements of teleworking would be rectify. The “professional role” and “family role” would be distinct and the quality of the work would not be affected by household matters. Secondly, the “Work Centres” would eliminate/reduce the long journey to work and company would save on huge overhead on prime city-central office or even do not have to rent anymore. The “Work Centers” would be ideal for work that does not need plenty personal contacts with co-workers would. More than 75 countries have joined the International Nation of Telecottages.

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There is now nearly 70 telecottages scatter around remote districts in the UK26,with BT as one of its pioneer which reckon a saving of $6000-20000 per annum per employee. Suites of small offices were set up near inhabited by commuter which would equipped with all usual facilities, including secretaries. This suburban office is rentable by the hour. The Neal’s yard Desktop Publishing Studio in Convent Garden is a good example. It provide a Mobile office to any company which employees might be doing teleworking in normal time but need an office space in some team meeting/conference then these suburban office come in to play.

This office provides central space for meeting and for work not ‘do-able’ at home. As Technology age would continue at pace that is unstoppable. The traditional organization would become truly international and team might be group together all over the world. Hence, the traditional face to face contact between colleagues might be impossible. Videoconferencing is one way where people can communicate over machine in video ; audio form. This allow people to communicate all over the world in /under the same roof in the same room.

So that things can be discuss ; decision can be make simultaneously. Videoconferencing at the stage it is now developed does not provide whole spectrum of feelings that a personal meeting does. It is just a matter of time that technology accelerate ;, more perfect solution would emerge In the future, we may imagine a computer machine27, which after you switch it on, creates a virtual reality office. Inside there, you take files, do you work and go to shake hands and show the documents to your boss who is actually taking a bath in his bathroom at home but has the same equipment on.

Let’s go further – does the boss really have to wear the helmet at the same time? Perhaps with the help of a advance electronic management support tools28, the boss can create a virtual boss who would possess all quality of the genuine person. Your meetings would be all a simulation. Too good to be true ? Why not? This would allow every person to be in many places at the same time, as the machine would simulate many of such meetings at the same time and would be able to predict 80% of each person’s actions there.

The negative interpretation is that we will be ruled by machines, but the positive one is about greater use of human potential, only supported by machines. Is such a scenario too much a fantasy? I do not know but there will be soon intelligent TV sets that will choose by themselves the programmes you like from the great variety that will be offered29, as no one will be even able to read the TV programme (is there anyone now with say, 400 programmes? ).


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