A lack of communication between Watsons Water and the delivery assistants is the main cause of the strike. An effective communication is needed in all organization. In an organization, communication is the passing on ideas and information to employees by upper level. To be successful, Watsons Water needs to communicate with the delivery assistant effectively which helps Watsons Water to solve the conflict, to keep staff being informed, etc. In the strike, it reflects that the massages from Watsons Water cannot be transferred to the delivery assistants effectively.

On the delivery assistant’s aspect, we may think that the delivery assistants are poor. Watsons Water does not act as a responsible employer since that she pay unsuitable amount of salaries to employees even Watsons Water had $18. 73 trillion dollars profit before tax on the first half year of 2009. However, we should also consider the Watsons Water’s aspect. On Watsons Water aspect, due to the economic downturn in 2009, Watsons Water’s profit of the first half year in 2009 is lower than in 2008. Moreover, the changing of policy is because there is a cut of trucks amount within organization.

After considering both aspect, the strike happened due to Watsons Water does not have an effective communication with the workers. There are more than 300 delivery assistants employed by Watsons Water. To enhance communication effectiveness, Watsons Water should facilitate the communicate system and overcome the barriers which is any factor that disturb, confuses with communication. However, it is difficult for us to overcoming the barriers during communication. Firstly, it should set up a two-way communication channel between Watsons Water and the delivery assistants.

Two-ways communication means Watsons Water can receive feedback from the worker after making a suggestion. Not only Watsons Water can have a say but also the employees. Also, it encourages open discussion and debates. The employees’ participation is very important in decision making. It provides opportunities for Watsons Water to make a better decision and review the existing policy. At the same time, employees can reflect their opinion to the senior managers. Getting effective feedback is one of the most important functions of two-ways communication. An effective feedback should be goal-oriented and impersonal.

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During the two-ways communication, feedbacks may result a better understanding on both Watsons Water and employees so that conflicts can be minimized. Since feedback may change easily, Watsons Water should collect it regularly to keep communication with employees. For example, Watsons Water can organize regular meeting in quarterly in order to provide immediate feedbacks. Besides, Watsons Water can make use of the information technology to communicate with the employees such as set up an online forum for employees to express their opinion. The main point is the company should take the employees’ opinion under consideration after it get.

Otherwise, the employees will find that the company is not willing to listen to them. When conflicts occur, the employees tend to solve the problem in a more aggressive ways such as strike instead of communication. Secondly, to ensure messages are correctly transferred, we should avoid the noise which is the most common barrier. Although it is difficult to avoid noise, Watsons Water still has some methods to overcoming noise in order to have a better communication with employees. The first method is showing the employee some information about the industry average pay as a supporting to let them know that they are not underpaid.

When providing this information, we suggest using the verbal form since it can minimize the misunderstanding between the employee and the company which non-verbal form may cause easily. Furthermore, the verbal form information can be kept for references easily. For example, sending an e-mail to the employees and give out leaflet to explain how the salary is set. Thirdly, the emotional reactions such as defensiveness and anger for both employees and Watsons Water may influence how they understand others’ messages.

When the employees are angry, it may lead Watsons Water more difficult to communicate with them. The best approach to solve it is to seek to understand. If employees are behaving aggressively, get them to talk about their concerns and pay careful attention to what they say. Once Watsons Water understands employees’ reactions, it may be able to improve the atmosphere by changing its own behaviour to avoid continuous conflict. To conclude, an effective communication helps to prevent industrial disputes. Although it is effective in preventing disputes, it takes time to work.


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