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The bond opened up at 100. 625, with a 4.

17 yield on Monday. The bond skidded lower on Monday as upbeat comments on the economy from a top Federal Reserve official weighed on a market already pressured by a sliding dollar. The bond slid . 625 of a point in price to 100.

06, yielding 4. 24 percent, up from 4. 17 percent late Friday. The bond rallied late Wednesday after an auction of two-year government debt drew surprisingly strong demand, countering worries that a drop in the dollar would make U. S. assets less attractive.The benchmark 10-year Treasury note gained .

56 of a point in price to 100. 87, yielding 4. 14 percent, down from 4. 21 percent late Tuesday. The bond edged higher in choppy trading Thursday, pushing down yields to two-month lows, as technical buying outweighed the mix of economic data. The 10-year Treasury note rose .

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375 of a point in price to 101. 31, yielding 4. 09 percent, down from 4. 14 percent late Wednesday.

The bond climbed higher Friday following a worse-than-expected revision of a reading on consumer sentiment, as the market shrugged off an earlier upwardly revised final reading on GDP.The benchmark 10-year Treasury note tacked on . 68 of a point in price to 102 even, yielding 4.

00 percent, down from 4. 08 percent late Thursday. The bond opened up at 102-even, yielding 4.

00 percent. In the bond market, a rumor that a well-known consultant expected the euro to go to $1. 18 pushed the Treasury bond to session highs, traders said, but when the rumor proved unfounded, prices fell. The 10-year Treasury bond lost . 56 of a point in price to 101. 44, yielding 4.

07 percent, up from 4 percent late Friday. The bond rallied Tuesday after reports on consumer confidence and regional U.S. manufacturing activity undermined the mood on Wall Street, inciting a setback for stocks.The bond rose . 18 points to 102. 56, pushing its yield to 3.

93 percent, down from 4. 07 percent late Monday. The bond skidded Thursday after weekly figures on jobless claims sparked selling as traders mulled upbeat signals on the economy from Fed officials.The bond again fell sharply Friday after jobs data, released during the morning, and showed the first employment gains in eight months, catching the bond market off guard. The10-year note was down 1. 65 in price to 100.37, hoisting the yield to 4.

20 percent from 3. 99 percent late Thursday. The week began with the 10-year note at 100. 37, hoisting the yield of 4.

20 percent.Treasury prices faltered Tuesday as traders, defensive after Friday’s stronger-than-expected payrolls report, took profits ahead of fresh supply. The 10-year bond fell .

68 of a point to 99. 93 with a yield of 4. 26 percent, up from 4. 16 percent late Monday. The Department of Labor said Friday that U. S. payrolls grew in September for the first time in eight months, defying forecasts for more job losses.

The T-Bill slumped following the report, but was able to recoup some of their losses during the previous session. Wednesday, bond rose . 15 of a point in price to 100. 06 with a yield of 4. 24 percent, down from 4. 26 percent late Tuesday. Investors considered comments from Kansas City Federal Reserve Bank President Thomas Hoenig late Tuesday night. Hoenig said the U.

S. economy was poised for solid expansion with low inflation through 2004, although he warned a lack of job growth posed a risk. Thursday, prices dropped on a improving view of the domestic economy, which may come with a pickup in inflation.The 10-year note shed . 53 to 99.

56 to 4. 30 percent, up from 4. 24 percent. Treasury prices received a boost by traders hoping to cover their positions before Monday’s Columbus Day holiday and a morning report showing a steady increase in wholesale prices.

Friday, the 10-year note added . 31 of a point to 99. 93 to yield 4. 26 percent, down from 4. 30 percent late Thursday.

Bond markets were closed Monday (Oct. 13th) for Columbus Day. The benchmark 10-year note fell to 99. 25 down .

68 of a point from Friday’s closing price.The yield was 4. 34 percent, up from 4. 27 percent late Friday. The T-bond fell Tuesday in a delayed reaction to gains in global stock markets, though a hesitant start from Wall Street allowed bonds to avoid further losses. Wednesday, the t-bond continued to slide, sending yields to five-week highs as retail data suggested economic growth in the third quarter might have surpassed already lofty forecasts.

The benchmark 10-year note fell . 40 of a point in price to 98. 81 to yield 4. 40 percent, up from 4. 34 percent late Tuesday.Thursday, the t-bond fell following a surge in a regional manufacturing gauge, propelling benchmark yields to six-week highs.

The bond recovered Friday as higher rates enhanced the allure of government debt and strong consumer and housing figures proved unable to boost stock prices. The 10-year note rose . 56 of a point to 98.

87, yielding 4. 39 percent, down from 4. 67 percent on Thursday. The T-bond opened up at 98.

87 on Monday, yielding 4. 39 percent. The benchmark 10-year note rose . 31 of a point to 99. 25, yielding 4. 35 percent, down from 4. 39 percent late Monday.The t-bond rose for a third session Tuesday, steadying after Monday’s comments from Treasury Secretary John Snow in the British newspaper, Times, where Snow was quoted as saying “Higher interest rates are an indicator of a strengthening economy.

I’d be frustrated and concerned if there were not some upward movement in rates. ” The comments sparked a wave of hedge fund selling early Monday. A Treasury spokesman said later that Snow was talking about market rates and not saying what the Federal Reserve should do with its benchmark short-term lending rate, lifting bonds off their lows of the day.The bond rose Wednesday, heading higher for the fourth straight session, taking cues from weakness in equities. The bond retreated Thursday as the latest labor market data revealed just enough strength to snap bonds’ four-day rally. The bond was higher Friday, bolstered by the stock market’s slump to three-week lows and related “flight to safety” buying.

The 10-year note rose . 5 of a point in price to 99. 96, yielding 4. 25 percent, down from 4. 34 percent late Thursday. The bond opened up at 99. 96 with a 4.

25 yield on Monday.The bond fell . 28 of a point in price to 99. 84, yielding 4.26 percent, up from 4.

22 percent late Friday. U. S. Treasury prices declined Monday while equities rallied as a busy week for economic news started strongly with housing starts beating expectations. Treasury’s rallied Tuesday as the Federal Reserve left interest rates steady at four-decade lows and its statement proved less upbeat than bond investors had feared. The bond jumped .

625 of a point to 100. 37, pushing its yield down to 4. 20 percent from 4. 26 percent late Monday. Treasury prices traded lower on Wednesday in profit taking from Tuesday’s late jump and anticipation of strong economic data ahead.Treasury prices moved lower Thursday on news the U. S. economy grew at its fastest rate in nearly two decades, stoking anxiety that interest rates could raise sooner than expected.

The 10-year note fell . 31of a point in price to 99. 22; its yield rose to 4. 35 percent from 4.

30 percent late Wednesday. Treasury’s climbed modestly Friday, after reports on consumer confidence and regional manufacturing proved firm but not as strong as many had feared. The benchmark 10-year note rose .

438 of a point in price to 99. 65, yielding 4. 29 percent from 4. 35 percent late Thursday.


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