Along with a liking for people, Lloyd notes that another important aspect and competency for a manager is an ability to focus on each person’s unique talents (Lloyd, 2002). Good mangers, she writes, study their employees to determine what they do best – then they talk with those employees to learn what brings these workers the most joy on their jobs (Lloyd, 2002). A good manager takes this one step further by recognizing efforts on a weekly basis – in fact, Lloyd says, the surest way to get rid of motivation and creativity is to ignore it (Lloyd, 2002).

Good managers write notes, say thank you (and mean it), compliment their staff in front of customers and consistently recognize employees (Lloyd, 2002). Another skill a manager should have is employee appreciation (Lloyd, 2002). Managers to be effective should take a personal interest in the lives of their stories, and be willing to listen to stories about employees’ families and hobbies (Lloyd, 2002). Important values that a manager must have include truthfulness and honesty (Lloyd, 2002).

Good managers are honest in their assessment, yet they couch their assessments so that employees aren’t shattered in the process (Lloyd, 2002). If they notice, for example, that an employee’s performance is slipping, a good manager won’t wait until the next six-month performance appraisal to say something (Lloyd, 2002). If there’s a problem, they share information and discuss potential solutions on how the problem can be fixed (Lloyd, 2002). The good manager also knows how to criticize constructively (Cribbin, 2002).

Basically, the good manager fights for his/her employees when they are right and to correct them kindly when they’re wrong (but to never, never put down employees in front of a customer or client) (Cribbin, 2002). People, overall, admire someone who has strong principles, even if they don’t agree with those principles (Cribbin, 2002). As a ! result, the good manager assumes that at various times, supervisor and subordinates will be unhappy with him or her, and that everyone can’t be satisfied (Cribbin, 2002).

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In addition, a good manager manages by example (Cribbin, 2002). A manager is efficient, treats others with consideration and is firm, yet fair (Cribbin, 2002). This, in a way, is how managers motivate others; sometimes it involves rolling up the sleeves, getting in the trenches and doing the work themselves (Gates, 2002). Sometimes it involves finding the right spark to light so employees become self-starters (Cribbin, 2002).

The good manager also realizes that building moral relies on four factors: a sense of identification with the group (i. e., fellow employees); an acceptance of common group objectives; a sense of contribution to the attainment of the group’s aims and evidence of progress toward achievement of goals (Cribbin, 2002). And while the good manager expects a collective contribution from employees, he or she knows that the management job is a contribution to the entire goals of a firm or organization (Cribbin, 2002). He or she is loyal to superiors, particularly in front of subordinates, and realizes that the goal is not only to get the work done, but to do so while facilitating work of the total company (Cribbin, 2002).

Finally, a good manager knows how to communicate the views and grievances of his or her employees to the top of the chain (Cribbin, 2002). He or she is not afraid to take responsibility for something that has gone wrong, by the same token, the good manager also ensures that credit for good things goes to the employees (Cribbin, 2002). In short, a manager must be someone who can lead by example, be able to communicate well, be willing to pitch in to get the job done, and know what it is that motivates employees, boost morale and increase production.


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