To pass the checks the recruit must answer at least 80% correctly. At the end of the week the manager observes and signs off on completion every check. The manager countersigns and completes the team member training record card and comes back to the recruit with an appraisal and the future objectives are targeted. Domino’s Pizza’s Operations Department is responsible for identifying the manager in training’s training needs. This department has a full web access to every store. It is the quickest way to check the progress and identify any existing problems.

By the web access they perceive every single action. They are automatically informed about any late delivery and customer complaints. They are concerned with the product (quality of food), customer service and marketing. The weekly report which is prepared and backed up by the store manager is a key indicator. This department provides every manager with an appraisal every three months as well as a store inspection every month in order to observe and find out whether there are problems and what they are.

This is known as a problem- centred approach which focuses on any existing performance problems and finds out whether this is because of lack of skills and if so which. (Torrington, Hall and Taylor, 2002:428). After identifying the problem and the training needs it is required the needs to be phrased in terms of learning objectives. The next process is planning and designing the training. It depends on the job position- in this case manager in training. As it is a first step to management the manager in training needs a full cross-training. There are several methods while training.

Domino’s Pizza provides both on-the-job and off-the-job training. Off-the-job training is note as a training which is undertaken away from the immediate work position (LSC, 2004, in Watson (2007:317). An essential key part of the development of the manager in training is their attendance at the Domino’s Training Facility in Milton Keynes. Domino’s Pizza Certified Trainers deliver Domino’s training curriculum which is a range of programmes and materials. The core of Domino’s Training curriculum is formed by The Management Development Program (MPD).

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The course combines classroom learning with practical hands-on experience in the Training Centre’s on-site Retail Store. The program is delivered as a five day residential course. Another familiar method is on-the-job training which includes coaching, mentoring, peer relationship and action learning. Mentoring is described as a range of “talent management” activities, which organisations try to identify, develop, engage, retain and deploy the most talented individuals. (Warren (2006), cited in Watson (2007:319)).

The manager in training- the younger employee becomes a mentee and the store manager- the more senior and experienced employee becomes a mentor. Another practised method in Domino’s Pizza is job rotation. It is used in order to reduce boredom. This is why all employees are cross trained, which means that they are able to perform all jobs- customer service, pizza maker, oven tender and router. Although it is believed to be motivating and increase productivity also is criticised of being insufficiently planned and only focused on achieving organisational outcomes. (Watson, 2007:321).

Other practised on-the-job method is instructor-led training which is delivered by Domino’s Pizza’s training professionals. Every three months they visit the store and deliver the training. Giving feedback is very important in the process of evaluation. According to Torrington, Hall et al (2002:308) there is a principle behind the idea of 360-degree feedback. Individuals can use this information to change their behaviours and improve their performance. The best way for it is by setting and meeting development goals and an action plan. Domino’s Pizza’s management use this feedback because is thought to be more accurate.

Domino’s Pizza offers good career opportunities. Training is structured around four accreditation levels each containing a number of models that, can take anyone from trainee right through to Store Manager. It is believed to be a hard work but the rewards are immeasurable. Their slogan is “Careers just do not come any better! ” To achieve its mission and goals Domino’s Pizza empowers its stuff, motivates it and provides refreshments.

(See Appendix 2 for Motivation theories). Both a recruit and a manager in training have the same career opportunities. After becoming an efficient Team Member the next step is a Manager in Training who has to complete level 1 and 2. Then is a Manager in Training who is at level 3 and a shift runner. The next career opportunities are becoming a Manager, Store Manager and Area Manager.

It all takes about one to five years depending on the employee’s knowledge, skills, abilities and learning styles. (See Appendix 3 for learning theories). These are the medium and long term career opportunities which Domino’s Pizza provides. The purpose of the report was to identify the training needs of the two chosen employees and to analyse these needs as well as to point out the employees’ medium and long term career development.

Undertaking training need analysis has proved to be very useful while comparing the position of the chosen organisation with the place where it has to be in order to achieve its strategy, goals and objectives. Many of the practised methods have made a big contribution to it. As Domino’s Pizza place a big importance on its customer satisfaction, quality of food and punctuality this is an organisation which is gathering pace towards achieving its objectives and is giving excellent medium and long term career opportunities.


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