Ethicalissues giving a negative impact the growth of globalization, it offers thesecompanies to increase their profits and performance in supply chain.  Less development countries such as India, Turkey,China are the most favorite place of retail companies such as Primark, as theyoffer cheapest labor and material cost.

However, behind such some benefits arehidden reality that are related to illegal and unethical labour experiences.Primark has been facing such problems in the last 10 years and struggling sincenow to manage the consequences to the brand and sales of the company wheneveran unethical incident is reported. The issue reported in 2005 when the companyscored 3.

5 out of 20 points on ethical index, which is measured on human’srights and cruel practices in operations. The company continued fight againstall criticism raised for unethical suppliers. (Guardian, 2009). in 2008, a BBCundercover team investigation issued a report that the working environment oflabour in factories that were main suppliers of Primark were illegal andunethical. The worst part is the investigation included that Child labour wasinvolved in clothing production, which is the worst among all unethicalpractices. (BBC,2008)