Petroleum development Oman (PDO) is the main exploration and manufacturing corporation within
the Sultanate of Oman. They supply most people of
the use’s crude oil manufacturing and natural gasoline supply, but above
all they recognition on delivering excellence, growth and
sustainable cost advent within and properly beyond our industry.
The organization is owned via the government of
Oman (with a 60% interest), Royal
Dutch Shell (34%), total (4%) and Partex (2%). the primary economic oil locate changed into made
in 1962, and the first oil
consignment became exported in
PDO operates in a concession location of about 90,000 km2 (one third of Oman’s geographical vicinity), has round a
hundred thirty producing oil fields, 14 generating gasoline fields, around 8,000 energetic wells, a numerous personnel of more than 8,500 employees, made from 64 different nationalities,
and more than 45,000 contractors.
The primary objective of PDO is
to engage efficaciously, responsibly and appropriately in the exploration, manufacturing, improvement, garage and transportation of hydrocarbons inside
the Sultanate.

The employer presents all personnel with secure and wholesome situations of work and good
enough and competitive
conditions of provider. We pay unique attention to the
recruitment, schooling and improvement of Omani employees and admire the rights of all employees in step with the Omani
Labour regulation .PDO has a devoted variety &
Inclusion (D&I) group of
20 personnel that paintings towards setting
up a wholesome work surroundings free of harassment
and discrimination. The team’s assignment is to raise the popularity of
D the agency, to underline the blessings of a various body of workers and
the high quality effect they are able to have on commercial enterprise overall performance?


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