The partition of subcontinent led

The partition of subcontinent led to displacement of 17 million people, more than 1 million killed in communal violence, the assassination of Gandhi, civil war in East Pakistan and several wars fought between India and Pakistan over Kashmir, a disputed territory.

The economies of both countries were ruined, they lost their leaders, Gandhi and Jinnah soon after independence, and Pakistan itself was further divided due to cultural and ideological differences.  Despite making compromises, in the form of partition, to resolve religious, cultural and communal issues both India and Pakistan are still encountering problems resulting from partition. The politicians and military in India and Pakistan is still using religious and political hatred to meet its own needs. This is making lives difficult in modern India for the Muslims. Muslims were victimized in Ayodhya in 1992, anti-Muslim riots broke out in Gujrat in 2004 and Kashmiri Muslims are facing atrocities by the army.   Kashmir, a predominantly Muslim state awarded to India remains a constant point of tension and armed conflict. This is a threat to the rest of the world as well because now both India and Pakistan are nuclear powers. This conflict has wasted thousands of lives and millions of dollars that could have been used to combat poverty in both the countries.

 Also, growth of militant groups within Pakistan, a result of Afghan refugee crises, poses a threat not only to Pakistan but the rest of the world as terrorist activities are becoming a global phenomenon.   The compromise reached between the British and the subcontinent, resulting in partition, has had long lasting impacts on global politics and relationships. Not only that the leaders of independence such as Mahatma Gandhi have continued to set examples for millions around the world fighting for their rights and freedom. Gandhi’s policy of non-violence was used by Nelson Mandela to fight apartheid and by Martin Luther king to achieve equality for all races.    


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