1. to nirvana (or what’s behind the stereotype

1. Go throughYou have certainly heard about the benefits of walking: it stimulates blood circulation no worse than running, reduces the risk of stroke and heart attack and, ultimately, helps to keep muscles in tone. And not only: “Walking is capable of breaking your patterns of thinking,” says Professor of Psychiatry at the Duke Institute in North Carolina P. Murali Dorayswamy. “Walking allows you to tap into other, more creative parts of your brain.”How to be Leave the car in the parking lot (or go out two stations earlier, if you get home on the subway) and do not be too lazy to stretch your legs.2. MeditateForget about mantras, lotus pose and flights to nirvana (or what’s behind the stereotype nest in your brain) – you do not really have such luxury in everyday life. The modern mindfulness technique, about which we have already  written , is very close to meditation in essence and implies full concentration on the process that you are engaged in. At any. You will go home – concentrate on walking. You will have supper – consider every piece of meat, try to imagine its taste in advance. “Awareness is needed to clear the brain of unnecessary noise and stagnant, useless ideas. After such a “meditation” he will work better, “says Dorayswami, an Indian by nationality. In the question of meditation, you can obviously rely on it.How to be Over dinner do not let yourself be distracted. The full concentration on the insignificant process will create in your head a kind of vacuum. Soon, it may well appear worthwhile idea – nature does not tolerate emptiness.3. Try on a fresh head”Your brain has two decision strategies,” Dorayswami said. “One operates with logical arguments, the other with momentary emotions.” Stress, fatigue and hunger affect your mood, even if you do not notice it. Your task is to see the difference between these two strategies and not give emotions the upper hand. “If you know a habit of emotional actions, try to abstract, introducing another person in your place – what would he do?” – advises Doraysvami.How to be. Spend half an hour to prepare yourself for a good sleep: go to the shower, dry yourself, change the sheets (you remember – with full concentration on the process). It guarantees you a good sleep. Solve the problems for the morning – you heard, it’s even wiser than the evening.4. Be open to newCuriosity is the most useful quality, but alas, over time it weakens. It’s harder for you to get carried away with something new, and getting carried away, you quickly get fed up. Do not put up with it. “Make yourself receive information. Attend open lectures, master classes and seminars – something will definitely hook you and, as a result, bring your thinking to a new level, “promises Dorayswami. At your service – TED conferences, Russian courses Coursera online university and dozens of master classes that are held every day in any major city.How to be If you have burning deadlines, so be it, postpone master classes for later. Take care of your brain by meeting on the way to work. Identify the reasons (where the queues come from), study the relationship (how the jumped dollar affects the traffic jams), come to new conclusions – at least this is a good warm-up for the mind. Do you remember about Newton and the apple? Exactly.