1. public transport to get to class, and

1.      Jot down five examples of benefits of studying at home, and organize these examples in such a way as to convince a friend to take a distance education course. Next, organize these examples in a way that would convince an employer that he or she should fund a distance education course that is applicable to your employment.


·        More Comfortable learning environment

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·        Career advancement

·        Continue in my profession

·        Convenient and flexibility

·        Improvement of one’s technical skills


I was faced with challenges of attending traditional universities which have caused me to seek for alternatives. These challenges include but not the least, high tuition, childcare assistance, job and family commitment, financial constraint. When I enrolled at Athabasca University, I realized how convenient and flexible it was to advance my career at the comfort of my home. My continual improvement in my technical skills while continuing in my profession is an evidence that proves to me that online learning can be just as effective as a traditional classroom.

Having benefited from these advantages of adaptable routine, I would convince my friend Ada to tap into this opportunity. I will explain to her that all lectures and materials needed to complete courses are provided through online platforms, therefore she can easily access them from the comfort of her home, office, or even while at work. There is no need wake up early in the morning to juggle for public transport to get to class, and she wouldn’t have to spend money for gas, find parking space, and leave work early to attend classes or miss important family commitments. She will continue with her profession while advancing her career, at the same time, taking time to raise her family and still remained in their current job.  These benefits don’t stop here, the computer skills learned will help her to incorporate and navigate her E-learning online training at work, share documents and the lists go on and on and on. As a single mother that she is, the convenient and flexibility will give her the opportunity to plan her study time around the rest of the day, instead of the other way round. She can study at her peak energy, whether early morning or night. Online learning will be a good option for her because it will give her the privilege to balance her work and family commitment.


Registered Nurses are in great demand and my employer will have direct benefits from my new skill after my career advancement. I am still employed as a permanent full-time RPN while obtaining my degree, therefore, there is no shortage of labor force that will warrant my employer to pay for overtime due to staff’s shortage. Upgrading my career and earning my degree is a means of showing my employers that am focused, ambitious and want to remain informed to prepare for new challenges because nursing is always challenging and evolving.  My employers support in my career upgrade will help me do my jobs effectively which will boost my confidence and encourage me to remain with them. I am very serious about my work and will like to improve in my field, which on the other hands put my employer in a position of having competent employer.

 This is also a way to build their reputation as an employer that cares about its workforce and strives to employ only the best. As a patient advocate, I know that my patients will benefit from my high level of efficient services they will receive from me.